How to Remove Annoying Ads Appearing on Your Android

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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You must be aware of how frustrating it is when you open your phone and you are greeted with a weird ad popping up in your face.

I know the feeling. I’ve been there, done that. Image of the cases it would happen only after you have installed in the notorious app. Is it from the Play Store while downloading something from an untrusted site.

And now the notorious app keeps throwing popup ads, and every time there is an ad that appears on your phone the makers of these apps make money, which encourages them to be creative in having users install the Adware.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about how you can get rid of these annoying pop-up ads on your Android smartphone.

1. Find the app which is showing the ads

The simplest way is to find out after installing which app the ads started popping up. If you can’t remember which app made it happen, you can check recent apps to see which are the unusual apps that are on the list of recent apps.

Pro tip: If you use Nova Launcher, there is a section in the app drawer which lets you sort apps install so you can find easily which was the latest app you have installed.

2. Find the unrecognizable app in the Apps manager.

You can browse all the apps installed on your smartphone from the Settings area. Browse through your list to find anything that looks suspicious, something there would be an app which a random name and no icon, these are usually the culprits and try to remain in your smartphone unnoticeable and keep popping the ads to make money.

You can long press on the icon and drag to the top right (or left) hand side to uninstall it.

3. Scan your Android using the Ad Detector Apps

If none of the above methods work to find the culprit, you can take the help of the Ads Detector App. This is perhaps the best method if you are not much into tech stuff.

One such app is AppBrain Ad Detector app that will sort all the apps installed on your smartphone and will mention which apps push what type of ads so that you can easily know which app is the culprit.

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