Samsung T5 External SSD Review

Should you get a low Storage SSD or High Storage HHD, if you are on a Budget.

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If you are a photographer, video content creator, or anyone who loves to keep the data easily accessible across multiple devices, an external hard drive is the most obvious choice for the purpose.

You can quickly get 1TB of external hybrid Hard Disk for as little as $50, 2TB of external hybrid hard for under $80.

But, it’s already 2020, and SSDs are getting cheaper. I got this 500GB SSD for around $100, retailing at about $180 last year.

I’ve been using it for the last few days, so here is my review after Samsung T5 external hard SSD.

While my previous external hybrid hard drive from Western Digital was 1TB, I wouldn’t call my 500GB Samsung T5 external SSD an upgraded from the storage.

But it is an upgrade when it comes to the size of the actual external hard drive and the connectivity options.

It has got a USB type C connection, and there are two cables provided along with the external SSD. One is USB type C to USB Type C, and the other is USB Type C to USB Type-A.

You can use the USB type C to USB type C to connect the SSD with Smartphones and computers where the USB type C Slot is available. The Other USB Type C to USB Type-A cable can be used to connect with other PCs.

SSDs being expensive than regular HD or HHDs is not because of the smaller size but because of the transfer rates.

On the product’s official web page, the transfer rate has been mentioned that it has transfer speed up to 540mbps, and I tried the disk speed test using the black magic app available for Mac. Here are the results.

The Western Digital 1TB external hybrid hard disk beverages at around 110mbps for both read and write.

The internal SSD of the MacBook Pro reached 300mbps for Write and averaged 250mbps for it. The reading speed was around 1200mbps.

On Samsung T5 SSD, the writing speed was 470mbps, and the reading speed reached 520mbps.

So, if you are already using a computer that has got SSD, your external hard drive should be an SSD if you want to match the performance.

The high transfer speed lets you transfer data from or to the SSD faster. It also helps you use video editing apps like Final Cut Pro efficiently, as it will be able to access the data on the external SSD faster any choppiness.

Suppose you use Final Cut Pro or any other editing video software where you have to use video footage from the external hard drive without transferring them to the PC hard drive. In that case, SSD can be efficient and will make your workflow faster.

You can save some money if you are looking to buy an expensive computer like MacBook Pro.

The base variant with 120GB of SSD storage costs around $1,299, while the higher storage variant with 240GB SSD costs $1799. You can save as much as $400 by getting a 500GB Samsung T5 SSD for $100.

The only issue would be to keep it connected with your laptop every time you want to use it, which is pretty frequent in my case.

So, I decided to use some velcro tape to stick the SSD to the lid of my MacBook. Velcro tape makes it easy to stick it in and stick it out. And it’s pretty sturdy.

You can also use regular tapes and glue the SSD to the lid of your computer. The SSD is light enough that you want to find any difference when it is glued to the top of a laptop.

It helps you work on your laptop by keeping it on your lap or any other services without worrying about where to keep the external SSD.

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Buy Samsung T5 SSD 500GB from

Buy Samsung T5 SSD 500GB from

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