How to Set Custom Ringtones on iPhone for Free (No Computer Required)

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Are you looking to know how you can set custom ringtones on your iPhone for free? Continue reading this article is no more about it.

Since I love technology and write about it on this blog, many of my friends and family think of me as a genius who can solve every problem they have, at least the technical ones.

So over the years, there was one widespread query that came my way. It was about the iPhone.

How to set custom ringtone on the iPhone.

Being an Android guy, I was pretty curious to know how difficult it would be to set a custom ringtone on the iPhone. The last time I tried setting a custom ringtone on my friend’s iPhone, it was a pretty embarrassing experience.

Because it is not as easy as it is on Android, you can long-press on any audio file, and it will give you the option to set it as a ringtone.

So how do you actually set custom ringtone on iPhone?

Mainly, there are three ways you can set custom ringtones on your iPhone.

Method 1

The first and most natural step is to purchase a ringtone from the iTunes store. I would recommend that because it is not so expensive enough for someone who has to set a custom ringtone every few months or so, it’s an excellent good option.

Because if you go ahead and try the next option, you are going to pull your hair.

Method 2

The second method is to connect your iPhone to a computer that has got iTunes on it so that you can create a ringtone and sync it back to your iPhone so that you can use it as a ringtone.

It’s 2020, and if you have to use a computer to do a simple task setting a ringtone on iPhone, that is pretty ridiculous, so I’m not going to tell you more about it.

Method 3

The third method is also pretty tricky, but it is not as frustrating as the second method. But it is also not as easy as this first method.

But if you are someone who keeps changing their ringtones now and then. Then I think you should learn this third method instead of buying a custom ringtone every week.

You would require installing two apps from the app store; both are free.

  • GarangeBand
  • Ringtone Maker

Apple itself creates GarageBand, so it is ad-free. It is an amazing app that lets you create music on the iPhone. But if you do not want to create music on your iPhone, that’s ok we would only be using it to create a ringtone.

The Other app, ringtone maker, is free but ad-supported. Because ads when you are using the app. To get rid of apps, I would suggest you turn off mobile data, whenever you are using the app. (or you can also turn off mobile data for the app from your iPhone’s settings area).

Now, download the song that you want to use as your custom ringtone on your iPhone. You can easily do this from the internet, and sure you know how to download it.

Launch the ringtone maker app and import the file you want to be used as the ringtone. Then follow the steps mentioned by the ringtone maker app, aur follow the tutorial mentioned below.

So this was easy, wasn’t it? You will find more interesting articles on the blog which is going to make your Tech life easy.

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