How to Stop a Particular Topic from Appearing in Facebook

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I just stumble across a movie spoiler that I am going to watch tonight, I already got the tickets but now all my excitement has gone because I know the ending.

Has it ever happened to you on Facebook while browsing your newsfeed? Well if it has then we both need to do something about it. Fortunately, Facebook now allows you to mute certain words for next 30 days so that they won’t appear in your news feed.

Maybe this feature isn’t revolutionary, but it would have saved my excitement which went in vain just because I decided to browse my newsfeed a few hours before actually watching the movie.

How to ‘Snooze’ certain keywords on Facebook

On the ‘three dot’ icon at the top-right of any post in the News Feed. You will now notice a new option labeled ‘Snooze keywords in this post’ in the overflow menu.

Snoozing the keyword would make it stop appearing in your newsfeed for the next 30 days.

This feature is live for a select few Facebook users, according to this official statement, the feature is still in testing phase.

How to mute certain keywords on Facebook (Workaround)

If you haven’t got this feature live in your Facebook app, there are still ways you can ‘Mute’ certain keywords from appearing in your Newsfeed.

I shared a list of Facebook alternative apps a few months ago and most of the apps listed gave the option of muting certain keywords.

And since this is not A snooze option there will be no search validity of 30 days and you will have to manually Unmute the keywords if you want them to start appearing in your news feed.

Also, this workaround would only work for the news feed if you browse it inside the apps mentioned in the article.

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