Restrict Group Members from Sending Message in WhatsApp Group if you are the Admin

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WhatsApp has just rolled out new controls for the WhatsApp Groups for the admins. WhatsApp admins will now be able to control the participation of messages in the group.

How to restrict members from sending messages

If you have got the updated WhatsApp, and the feature has been rolled out to you, head over to the group info section by typing on the group name. There will be a new option of ‘Send messages’ in group settings.

You will get two options there,‘Only Admins’ and ‘All Participants.’ selecting the ‘Only Admin’ option will restrict other participants from sending messages to the group.

Useful forbroadcasting messages to a group of people

There are many use cases of WhatsApp groups, it is used for the family business community etc.

With this new feature that restricts the participation of members, the WhatsApp group can be used for many other purposes as well, such as broadcasting messages to the interested people who join the group.

WhatsApp had made it possible to share groups via a unique link of a few months ago, anyone with the link would be able to join the group.

With this new control in the WhatsApp groups, it can now be used for businesses and communities update them via messages.

And we have also seen a lot of class happening over petty issues like someone offending another group member in a WhatsApp group or sharing objectionable content, all this can be prevented in just a single tap.

WhatsApp had recently launched group video calling feature as well, and there is also one more improvement to the WhatsApp groups, as Group Admins could revoke the rights of other Group Admin if needed.

You are curious why you are not getting these features ASAP, you should read this article to know how you can be the first to get all the new features in WhatsApp.

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