5 Tips For Better Battery Health of your iPhone

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One way to ensure a long battery life for your iPhone is to provide good battery health. Here are some tips for better battery health:

Where to check your iPhone battery health?

You can check the status of the health of your battery by going to the settings area of your iPhone and scrolling down to the battery section, where you will find the option for checking out battery health. Tab on8, and you will find the current maximum capacity of your iPhone’s battery. My iphone 12 pro max battery’s maximum capacity after one year is 91 %.

The battery’s maximum capacity will decrease over time, you cannot stop it from reducing, but you can slow this process down by following the steps mentioned below.

1. Use the original charger

It wouldn’t have been a thing to mention a few years ago when apple provided the charges with every iPhone. Now that they do not give the chargers any iPhone. People tend to buy alternatives to save some money, for maybe they already have a charger at home.

Although there are many third-party mobile chargers available in the market, Apple tests and optimizes their products using their charges, so it is advisable to use the original apple charger to charge your iphone if you want to maintain the battery health of your iPhone.

2 . Enable ‘Optimised Battery Charging.’

You can find this option in the ‘Battery’ section from the ‘Settings’ area, and you also have a chance of Optimised Battery Charging. Enabling this ensures it slows down the charging process after the battery charges 80%. It is good not to have your phone battery charge 100%. By slowing down the charging process after the percent, the mobile phone produces less heat, and less heat is better for the battery’s health.

3. Don’t use your iPhone while it is charging

As I mentioned above, heat affects the health of the battery. When your smartphone’s battery is being charged, a small amount of heat is generated. Still, when using it simultaneously, the smartphone gets heated even more because it is being used, which is not suitable for the battery’s health.

4. Use the standard charger instead of the fast charger

This is also based on the above explanation. Fast chargers charge the smartphone battery faster because the output is higher voltage, but it also produces more heat which is not suitable for the storm. So the standard charger from apple is more apt for the excellent health of the iPhone battery.

5. Don’t use 4k recording when not necessary

Happy returns of a 4k recording in iphone, which gives you the highest possible quality for the videos. But since the iphone processor has to work more for processing 4k footage, it produces more heat which again affects the battery. Plus, if you are taking videos for social media, 4k isn’t a great option.

But I understand some of you have bought your iphone just because it is me your capabilities and you want to record the highest possible quality. Still, you will have to find a balance between getting the best footage and maintaining your iphone battery health. Maybe don’t use the high and features when it is not required.

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