Watch YouTube Videos Without Spending Huge Data is Now Possible with YouTube Go

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Finally, there is a way to watch YouTube without worrying about too many data spend because videos take the most of the data.

YouTube has grown tremendously in last few years, and its usage in India is growing at a faster rate.

With the Internet penetration increasing in India, more people are discovering the Internet.

Even though we have now 4G offered by various telecom operators, it is still expensive and people who are just getting started with the Internet, are using 2G connections.

Or then the people, like Students and users from 2 tier cities of India might be using a 3G connection, they have to spend their data smartly.

Data is like Money, we have limited data and we have to spend the month in that limit only. 

And in cases like this, many have to wait to connect to a Wi-Fi to enjoy videos on YouTube.

That’s going to change now with the YouTube Go App.

Google’s new initiative to let 2G users enjoy YouTube by downloading the videos in compressed form.

Some of the features of the YouTube Go app are,

Preview Video to see if you want to download the video or not

The YouTube Go app lets you view few frames of the video to actually let you know whether you want to download it or not.

Choose the video size to download

YouTube go lets you choose few options to download the video in different sizes, i.e, low quality, standard quality etc. This gives you control over how much data you want to spend on the video.

Share video with friends without the Internet

YouTube Go also allows you to share the saved videos with friends without the internet. It will use Bluetooth to share the video with friends.

You can check out more about the YouTube Go from the link below

➤ YouTube Go 

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