Wired Mouse & Keyboard vs Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combos, which one to go for

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When I was setting up my PC and was looking to buy a keyboard and mouse for it, I couldn’t find any valuable information that could help me decide whether to go for a wired mouse and keyboard or the wireless mouse and keyboards.

After several years of using both type keyboards, here I am writing this article in the hope that it might help someone who is confused like I was several years ago.

Using Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Going clutter free is one of the goals of many people when they are setting up in an office or simply workstation.

I remember buying the wireless mouse and keyboards in 2009, using them with my PC was an Ultimate experience, no more wires.

Not having to deal with wires wasn’t the only happiness I was looking for, I thought of having many uses of the wireless mouse, like, controlling my PC from far away and using it to play or pause or select movies or any other video file.

Sadly, it was never used like that, both the wireless mouse and keyboards sat on the table. The only difference between my wireless mouse and keyboard and wired mouse and keyboard was, the wireless keyboards and mouse require battery replacements

Not that I had to change batteries every other month, the one that I was using was from Logitech and it had pretty impressive battery life.

The problem with wireless keyboard and mouse was they were not as responsive as I thought they would be, since mostly all the wireless keyboard and mouse combos come with a USB dongle that needs to be plugged into a CPU.

Majorly the CPU is at the bottom of the table for everyone and keyboard is on the table. so, you will face a bit of lag every now and then.

A simple solution is to use an extended USB wire so that you bring it up on the table and then click the Dongle so that it is not far away.

But recently I switched to a wired keyboard, because I was sick and tired of the lag that came with it, and the number of times the dongle was misplaced or damaged.

I am ok with changing batteries, since it happens just once or twice a year, the battery on Logitech MK240 keyboard actually lasted for 2 years.

Using Wired Mouse and Keyboard Combo

The only difference between the wired and wireless is, actually the wire.

Every other thing such as changing batteries, dealing with the lag due to different positioning and distance between the keyboard mouse and the dongle, or, forgetting it misplaced or damaged ones are a non-concern for it.

And if you are good at cable management, you simply won’t notice the clutter created using two wires going through your cable to the CPU.

To be honest, it did bother me for a few days but now I won’t even look at it and it is pretty much invisible to me.

The benefits that come with using the wired mouse and keyboard are much more then the clutter it brings to the table, quite literally.

The only set back of using a wired keyboard and mouse is that there is a very limited variety available in terms of design choices.

But it is quite functional, considering both Mouse and keyboards can power themselves from the CPU itself.

I had even bought a wireless keyboard along with the wire advance but I happen to use the wired keyboard and mouse combo most of the time because of the ease of use.

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