How to Create Engaging Tutorial Videos with Picture-in-Picture Effects (Free Download)

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Asif Ahmed
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If you’ve been creating videos on YouTube for some time, you know how crucial it is to present visually appealing and engaging information.

The better your visuals, the more likely your video will outperform others on the same topic. One quick and easy way to enhance your visuals is by taking inspiration from other successful YouTubers.

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For example, Ali Abdal, a YouTuber from London, has a unique presentation style incorporating a picture-in-picture effect. He positions his face on either side of the screen while showcasing the content in the mainframe. This approach is more effective than the usual static headshot of the presenter.

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You can use the mask tool to achieve a similar effect and save it as a preset.

However, I recently discovered a tutorial by Dylan from the “Final Cut Bro” YouTube channel. Dylan goes into great detail and explains how to create the exact picture-in-picture effect used by Ali Abdal. His tutorial is truly mind-blowing, and he deserves a shout-out for the effort he put into it.

If you prefer to avoid creating the effect from scratch, you can download the version I created, which is free (for a limited time). I suggest adding additional controls to the effect and making it a paid resource, so take advantage of the free download.

In the tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to apply the effect using Apple Motion. After creating and publishing the effect, you can select a custom position to ensure it appears on top of your video. I named the effect “Screencast Tutorial PiP.”

Suppose you have a video with two layers: the screencast of your laptop and footage of yourself speaking. Apply the “Screencast Tutorial PiP” effect to your video, and then use the provided controls to make any necessary adjustments. Once satisfied with the result, you can continue editing the tutorial.

Additionally, if you’re interested in creating multi-cam videos, I have a separate tutorial video on that topic, which you can find on my channel. It may already be published by the time you watch this video. This tutorial will demonstrate how easy it is to create multi-cam videos.

By incorporating these visual enhancements and following the provided tutorials, you can improve the quality and engagement of your YouTube videos.

Download the PiP Effect for Free

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