3 Best Chrome Extensions I’ve Used as A Quick Timer

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If you are looking for a handy timer while working on your Computer for things like focussing on something for a few minutes or getting a reminder to do a certain thing after a while. In this article,

I am going to list some of the timers in the form of Google Chrome extensions that are pretty helpful for quick tasks.

Strick Workflow

Strick Workflow Restrict Websites.jpg

If you are a fan of GTD (Getting Things Done) you must be aware of the Pomodoro Technique. Well, Strick Workflow a small extension based on the technique.

What is does is, it gives you a block of 25 minutes when you turn it on, which you use for doing something that requires complete attention.

This chrome extension is pretty helping is doing that because of it, as the name suggests, restricts certain websites for that 25-minute block.

After 25 minutes, you hear a notification, telling you 25 minutes are over. What I like about this extension timer is that it shows you the time at on the extension icon.

Strick Workflow Timer Pomodoro.jpg

But that doesn’t mean you are done with your tasks, so this app allows you to keep working and click on the timer only when you are actually done, which would start your break of 5 minutes.

Now, while you do have the option to add/remove websites from the blacklist, but you don;t have the option to increase of decrease the 25-minute time block. Which means you won;t find it useful if you are looking for a timer that notifies you for 10 or 5 or maybe 1-minute thing.

Break Time

One Break Timer.jpg

Break time is pretty much like the strict workflow.

But instead of 25-minute block, if gives you a 28-minute time block to work with, followed by a 2-minute break. by default

Thankfully, it lets you customize the time by going to options, which takes a  few clicks. So, you would not find it much useful if you need time blocks that vary too much.

The options panel offers more flexibility, like enabling the working hours, or reset the timer when you are idle, i.e, not working or typing.

So, you can use this app if you are a workaholic and wants to get up from your desk for a quick break.

Well, it will truly help you take a break because it popups up the break time window which covers the entire screen.

1 Click Timer

1 Click Timer Chrome Extension.jpg

1 Click Timer gives the best of both of the extensions I talked above.

I let’s you choose the time just by clicking on the icon , making it a truly useful timer.

Also, if shows you the time left just by looking at the icon.

While it may not have the strick workflow mode, which blocks the sites from browsing when you choosea time block, or it may not offer an option to enabled featurs like working hours or resetign the timer.

It does that one task of timer pretty well, and that is, letting you set a timer pretty fast.

Bonus Tip: You can also try Google Now on your PC or Mobile, since it syncs across various devices with same Google Account, you won’t miss those quick timers to make an important call in next 15 minute or  a meeting in half an hour. And here are few more Google Tips you find useful

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