Learn these Killer YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Keyboard Shortcut Tricks & Save Plenty of Your Time

By Plenty, we mean as much as 60 hours a year!

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I wanted to include more in the headline, but that would make it way too long.
So, I’ll just use first few lines of this post to explain why it is so awesome before actually telling you the shortcuts.

You might be spending a chunk of your everyday time on sites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, or perhaps ( if you are like) all of them.

Then these tricks are awesome to save some time. I’m sorry if I am getting too much excited about this. But it’s pretty cool for me.

For example, when you are on YouTube, you can simply press ‘F’ to turn on the full-screen mode. Or Ctrl+Arrow Key moves the YouTube video 10 seconds forward or backward.

Or the Facebook shortcuts, like Alt + M, takes open new messages, or Alt + 1, 2,3,4,5 offering different functions with just a few buttons instead of using the Mouse.

Posting the full image below for you, the infographic created by Website Hub.

At the infographic says, take 10 minutes to learn these shortcuts and you can save up to 60 hours a year, not a bad return on the time you invest.


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