5 Creative Uses of an Old Smartphone

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These days we change our smartphones almost every year or two. Because the tech is moving ( or say improving) so fast that just two-year smartphones start to feel obsolete.

So, what do you do with your old phone when you buy a new one? Might you surely be putting it on sale or gifting it to someone right?

While both the options are good for you, I’ve got some more creative suggestions for you as well. Check out some creative uses of your old smartphone.

Keep it for Kids to Play Games or Learning Apps

I love kids but I really don’t want them to mess up my phone’s personalized settings, or do in-app purchases, or deduct my mobile balance. that’s why I keep my old phone that’s loaded with games and stuff. I give it to them only for a limited time.

Find out why it’s a bad idea to let your kid play games on phone.

Make It Your Home Music Player

Sure, your primary phone can be your music player, your personal music player, but you might have a lock code on it. And when you are at home, other might want to control the music.

It’s the safest bet to use an old smartphone to use as a home music player. Kids, Guests, your sibling or spouse, you won’t have to worry about it.

Turn it into an IP Camera

Turn your older phone into an IP Camera and keep a watch on stuff. Sure, the IP Cameras cost as low as $20 now, but, why to spend money when you can turn your android phone into an IP Camera.

Install the IP Webcam App

A Backup Phone? Maybe

Anything can happen to your primary smartphone, even though most smartphones that are launched lately are water resistant, or come with gorilla glass, there is no guarantee it won;t be wet or break or simply stop functioning.

Your old phone can be useful for times like these. So, males sure you always have a spare mobile phone in your home for times like these.

Use it to spot your Car

This is easy. Just keep your phone inside the car, use Find my iPhone feature (if it’s an iPhone) or Android Device Manager (if it’s an Android phone) to track it. Will come pretty handy when you park your car and it’s pretty big, this makes it easy to locate it.

You can also use other apps that let you share locations manually, like WhatsApp, Allo, Telegram, Messenger etc. Send the location from Old phone to your primary phone before moving out of your car.

You can use this trick for other things, not just your car, but kids, dogs, or anything you want to keep a track of.

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