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Best VR Headsets You Can Buy in India Under Rs 2000

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Every other day, I see mobile phone companies launching their VR headsets. it has become a trend now. Seems like this new VR (Virtual Reality) technology is getting welcomed by the people of India.

More VR Headsets in the market is good because more choices to pick from, but more is also confusing.

And this is why we have this list of the best VR Headsets under Rs 2000 you can buy in India right now. (or at least till a few months for now)

Zakk 3D VR Box

Zakk 3D VR Box.jpeg

The Zakk 3D VR Box is the most popular headset, because of its supper affordability. It costs just Rs 799 and can be bought from Flipkart (here is the best buy link)

Zakk 3D VR Box comes with Adjustable length. You are going to love the amazing experience. No Magnetic Trigger in it but you get the Bluetooth remote control with it.

Buy from Flipkart

MTT Advanced 3D VR Headset


For MTT 3D VR Headset, you pay to double the price of Zakk, but you get a nicely designed VR Headset. The Build looks premium, something you can carry with yourself when you are outside. Which means the VR experience anywhere.

The price you are paying is actually worth if you value the quality of lense and the built quality of this device. And you want to do more VR sessions, go for this one. Priced at Rs 1499.

Buy from Flipkart

ENRG VR Headset


ENRG VR headset is inspired by Google Cardboard, actually, it all started the same for all the VRs. What ENRG (pronounced as Energy) does is make the design better. While the Google Cardboard had problems with bigger screen phones, this one can fit in phones up to 6 inches in size. So the owners of those bigger Samsung J series phones, you too can enjoy VR.

Built quality is premium, and the experience is good, the Magnetic trigger is available so there is no need for the Bluetooth remote. You pay the price that is similar to the MTt 3D VR Headset. Priced at Rs 1399.

Buy from Flipkart

Circle Virtual Reality 3D Glasses


Circle Virtual Reality 3D has a curved design, which makes sense considering our face too is a bit curved. it doesn’t have the Magnetic trigger so you need a Bluetooth remote control (check it out here)

It is available on Flipkart for Rs 1499 (plus Rs 300+ if you buy the Bluetooth remote), you get a nicety designed VR.

Buy from Flipkart

BlackBox Unlimited VR Shinecon


The design of BlackBox Unlimited VR Shinecon is pretty exciting. The Yellow color gives it an great feel.

It’s available on Flipkart for Rs 1200, plus Rs 300+ for the Bluetooth Remote control, since Magnetic Trigger is not available (check it out here)

Buy from Flipkart

Irusu MONSTERVR VR Headset


Irusu MONSTERVR VR headset, as the name suggests, is a monster VR in a true sense, The lense quality of these VRs is better and it’s bigger too.

It is priced at Rs 1999/- but looking at the built quality, quality of the lens provided and availability of the Magnetic Trigger, all make it worth the price.

If you are serious about the VR technology and want to enjoy the VR content, it’s the best buy according to me.

Buy from Flipkart


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Free Alternative to Record and Edit Screencast Videos

If you are into creating tutorials of some kind and want to speed up your doing it, here is...

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