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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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Sometimes writing something not good enough is better than not writing anything at all. This helps overcome the Writer’s block, which is quite common among writers.

Staring at the black screen for a long time or stuck at finding the most appropriate word before proceeding further.

Changing writing apps can help you write more, changing devices can help you write better, but this is one kind if a thing that stays with you, it’s a habit. That’s why it stays with you no matter how hard you try.

The World’s most dangerous app is the writing app you might need if you want to fight that habit of stopping and find better works or thinking to make the sentence better. Because first draft’s don’t have to be perfect.


This app The Most Dangerous Writing App forces to you keep writing because if you stop, it will delete all your writing progress. That’s brutal, I know.

And when I say It Destroys, it literally means Destroying your Writing


I tried this tool myself, and I even tried tricking when I kept writing by deleting a line and rewriting it again, it still catches me and destroys all my writing, I am writing this article in the same app and it took me 3 trials to reach here, all my writing were destroyed in first two trials.

The Most Dangerous Writing App is a  Web App, and it opens in a browser tab just like any other website. You can set a session to keep your writing safe, set a timer of the session, like 5 minutes, 10 minutes. and you cannot stop before that, but if you do, you win and your work is safe.


So keep typing, and yes, it really works, this is the fastest first draft I have ever written, and it doesn’t matter if this post has errors, I am going to move it to Grammarly for quick fixes and move it to the WordPress editor and publish it.

At the bottom of the app, you see Word Count and Typing Speed. So, when I type without worrying about the typos and grammatical errors. my typing speed is 56 WPM, and I think if I write carefully, my speed is somewhere between 36-40 WPM and I still have to look for the errors and typos.

So this App might help you write faster

While I am surely not going to use this app for the longer form writing (Calmly is there for that), research-based articles, but it’s still a fun app to write pieces of articles or a pre Writing exercise.

The Most Dangerous Writing App

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