9 Really Clever Ways to Use Your Old Android Smartphone

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With every Company bringing up a new generation of their Smartphone every year, we tend to buy new phones in two years on an average. And this question comes in every another yeat.

What to do with your older smartphone?

Selling it off or passing it on to another member of the family is a nice option.

If you look for seeling it, there is not every time you will be getting a good price for your phone,

and your family members might already be having nice phones.

If you are in a dilemma, here are some clever uses of your old Smartphone

Use as a Car GPS

Though nowadays there are dedicated devices that come for this purpose, no one is stopping you from using your old Smartphone as a GPS navigator.

it is a really great way to conserve your phone’s battery when you use your old smartphone for Navigation instead of your current one.

Plus, it also frees up your phone for doing other stuff on it.

Use as a Music Players for Parties and Family Gathers

Most of us use our Smartphone to play songs at such house parties, using your Smartphone for this purpose saves you from giving access to your Smartphone to others.

keep it at a place where anyone can walk and play the song of their liking without you having to worry about what the person is looking or digging into when he is checking your phone.

Use as an Alarm Clock

Now, it’s the basic function of Smartphones to have an Alarm clock, and it works pretty well.

But If you are someone who is concerned about the presence of radiation emitting device,

Use as an e-Reader

Using your old phone as a dedicated e-reader also has its own benefits, which are as follows

You can share it with others without having to worry about your Privacy. You don’t have to worry about draining your phone’s battery and you also get to use all the space on the Mobile for saving Books.

Use as a Remote Mouse

This one is a bit gimmicky, but works really well in case you really need a mouse for some precise cursor movements and you don’t have a mouse with you at the time.

Use as a Digital Photo Frame

If the screen of your old mobile phone is working well, it can work as a Digital Photo Frame.

You will find several apps on the Play Store for turning your phones into a Poto Frame by selecting few pictures and playing them as Screensavers.

Use it as DSLR Camera Monitor

This one can be pretty useful for people doing clicking photos or shooting videos one Camera that doesn’t have a flip out screen, or maybe they want to monitor it from fast away.

Use as a Kid Monitoring Device

This works really well, you can install some apps to turn it into an IP Camera, you can place it in other room, maybe in a Kid’s room and monitor from your own Smartphone.

Let Kids use it for Learning Purpose

This one is a bit debatable, whether to give your Kids a Smartphone or not. Many parents are against giving Smartphones to their kids, but what I believe is, it can be an amazing learning device if used properly.

A dedicated Smartphone for Kids can mean you can control the contents of the device, and you may not have to go through all the process of making your Mobile Kids Safe.

Just install the learning apps on it and Uninstall/disable the rest of them. Give them the phone for a limited period of time.

So these are some really clever uses of your Old Smartphones, I think you will value your old Smartphones more and not sell it off at a dirt cheap price.

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