Stay Away from the PayTM Scams on Instagram, WhatsApp and other Social Platforms

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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Want to know how to gain thousands of followers on Instagram? Simply Buy them.

Right? Wrong.

So in this article, I am going to talk about a scam that is happening on Instagram, random Instagram accounts will message you telling they can grow your following on Instagram in return for some money.

Most of the time these accounts will be fake, created specifically for sending messages and promoting the Shady businesses of growing followers on Instagram.

And in the name of followers, what you will get, is, thousands of bots following you, which are of no use.

There are also few cases, where the people operating these accounts will simply take your money and run away, they won’t even care about sending bots to follow you.

This happens worldwide, in every country. Let me talk about one such scam that is happening on Instagram in India.

It’s not just random Instagram accounts involved, there are Instagram accounts with a huge number of following, even a million in some cases.

What they do is, post story promoting their offer because something like this

The take the conversation further to another platform, which is WhatsApp then chat with you to build a trust so that you believe in what they are selling.

In most of the cases, they use PayTM, which is India’s most used Digital Wallet.

After you make the Payment, these people stop replying to the messages.

Even if you go ahead and report it to PayTM, you would only be able to block their PayTM account, but its impossible to get your money back since PayTM will say the money has already been consumed.

To get further information about where the money has been withdrawn, you will need to file an FIR, we all know how tough it is to actually file an FIR in India.

90% of the people who get scammed won’t take the pain of going to the Police Station and file an FIR.

And even if you are able to file an FIR, and send it to PayTM, they will only tell you where the money was withdrawn from their service, and scammers use multiple channels to get the money, the more the channel, the tougher it gets to find where the money actually went.

So, it’s better to stay away from such scams, as they say, Prevention is better than cure.

Always keep this thing in mind,

“If an offer seems too good to be true, it isn’t true.”

Now, this rule applies everywhere, if you see offers where something is sold for too cheap, someone is offering something for way lesser amount, it is shady, and you should not pay the person.

There are some trustworthy websites that can be used for buying products online, e are Amazon, or Banggood, Gearbeast etc that have earned a good reputation for selling quality products and not scamming people.

I hope you find this article useful, please do share it on Facebook or Twitter so that other too don’t fall prey to such scams.

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