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A wise man once said Privacy on the internet is a myth. I don’t know exactly what’s the name of that person, but he is partly right.

Part of the reason I don’t take it too seriously is that it supports the foundation of the internet, which is free information to everyone.

For example, you are reading this article on the internet for free, and we are spending our time writing about it. Thanks to the ads that help us pay the bills and allow you to consume content free of charge.

This revenue model has been in existence since the start of the internet when it was commercialized. But it is also true that at the same time, companies are trying to optimize it to yield more profits to them.

Reports suggest that worldwide ad spending in the year 2019 was more than 500 billion US dollars. That crazy amount of money.

The Ad industry is so big that the top minds of the world are working to optimize it even further so that advertisers can get more results, which will motivate them to invest more money.

This is why every site has Cookies, and it is trying to stuff it in your browser so that they can keep an eye on your internet activities.

They want to know about your likes and dislikes, how much time you spend on a particular website, what you are searching for, which part of the country you live in, and so on.

Browser Cookies and Your Private Data

If you are freaking out right now, let me relax you a bit by telling you that it is not a human being going to pinpoint and track you down discuss your internet browsing history with your mum for the fiance.

The data is collected for millions of users on the internet, and segments are prepared for the advertisers to target, so there is no harm to anyone individually.

But there are still people who are not comfortable looking at ads about something they searched for a few hours ago.

Google Chrome, which is the most popular browser in the world, offers some tools which prevent these notorious cookies from following your internet activities. Still, since it is from Google, who is the majority of the revenue comes from advertising itself, trust issues are office.

And reports like Google Chrome tracking users even in incognito mode can compel anyone to look for alternatives.

Firefox’s Focus on Privacy and Security

If you belong to that category, there are other browsers you can try. Mozilla Firefox, which is also one of the popular browsers in hey Google turn the AC off the world, has some tough moves to give you a complete trail free browsing experience.

The new version of the Firefox that I am trying these days puts a lot of emphasis on Privacy in keeping you safe online.

And it doesn’t only do it in the background but also lets you see what things it is blocking and what stuff it is allowing. And from a single page, it enables you to select the intensity of the Privacy.

In the standard option, you get a balance between the protection and performance, blocks social media trackers, cross-site cookies, content tracking in private Windows, Cryptominers, and Fingerprinters.

There is a strict mode and custom mode as well.

Apart from the heavy focus on users’ Privacy and Security, the Firefox browser offers all the functionalities you would require in today’s age.

While browsers like Opera and Edge Browser opted for Chrome engine, so that they can support a wide range of extensions from Google Chrome, Firefox already has got a healthy number of developers creating extensions for the browser.

Almost every popular browser extension is also available for Firefox and Google Chrome, which has prevented Firefox from bending the knee to Chromium.

And the best part is Firefox is available for or Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android. If you create an account with them, you can sync your browser history and account password across multiple devices.

Even if you are using other browsers, you can keep it as your secondary browser for or the internet is when you do not want to be tracked by random websites on the internet.

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