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Let me first talk about a use case so that this post can get the attention it deserves. Suppose you are browsing you Twitter timeline or Facebook newsfeed or any other Social Network, where you discover a nice post shared by your friend. You tap on the link, taken to the browser, where you wait for it to load so that you can see what it is about.

Then you close the browser, tap back button to go back to the App you are browsing and continue doing the same for every link you want to see. Yes, the apps like Pocket and Facebook’s own ‘Save for later’ feature has helped a bit, but what if I want to check that link out right now, and I refuse to follow the long procedure I have been following since 2012? I’ve found Flynx browser to be extremely useful in this use case.

A Browser Married with Facebook Chat Heads

Flynx is a browser that utilizes the floating Icon feature made popular by Facebook when they introduced Chat Heads feature for Facebook Messenger.


Imagine how useful it would be if you could tap on a link and it opened in a Chat Head like bubble that floats in the corner of your screen while you can stay in the app you are browsing, you will see the favicon of the site in the bubble when the page is loaded. You can open a few more links and then tap on the Icon to read the articles one by one.

Flynx: A Lighter Pocket App + Chat Heads = More Productive

Even if you don’t want to read the article, it remains there floating at the corner while you jump from app to app. It also works as ‘Read in a while’ or Read after I am finished browsing Facebook’ app.


Sadly is just a browser for opening links you come across browsing other apps, there is no address bar, but the features like a ‘Reading Mode’, which presents you a clutter free version of a web page giving you the option to change the background color to Dark, Gray or Sepia and change font sizes as well, in short it’s a browser with Pocket app feature inside a Chat head. But whatever it is, it makes your life easy.

How about Alternatives?

It is not the only app offering this kind of feature which falls under pop-up browsers, Boat Browser has a floating browser as one of their Pro features. Then there is Javelin browser, which is also has a popup browser as a feature along their primary browser which is not as good as Chrome for Android, so there is no point of having yet another browser just to use one of its feature.


I have previously used the Boat browser as my only browser and its floating browser feature worked well for me. But Flynx makes it very easy to minimize the pages and go back to them in just one tap.

So, Flynx is a clear winner in the Pop-Up browsers segment. You will love it you are love Multi-tasking on Smartphones.

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