6 Powerful Features of Google Keep You Should Know About

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When Google launched its simplistic note taking app, Google Keep, many dismissed it as a later comer to the already crowded world of to-do apps. But then that was the case for Google Chrome as well, it entered in the browser market in 2008 and is now among top 3 most used browsers in the world.

Google Chrome became successful because of its minimalistic design, responsiveness and a lot of features. Google Keep also brings some cool features despite being a simple note taking app. If you are among the people who think it’s just an app to note random things, here are few powerful features of Google Keep you probably are not using.

Copy the text from Images


Google Keep uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract text from the images, and it works well. Simply open Google Keep and take a picture of the document/ business card and select ‘Grab Image Text’ from the menu.

Location Alarm


Location alarm is helpful in situations like travelling alone using public transport, you can set a location alarm so that you never miss your station. The location alarm will remind you to pick something up the next time you are near that particular market. It is very helpful when you start using it.

Copy & Paste text between PC and Mobile

Even though there are dedicated apps like Push Bullet that lets you push content to your mobile, Googke Keep is just a tab away to this purpose if you are using same Google account on yout PC and Mobile.

Get Notified for Google Keep Reminders in Google Now

Google Now is an intelligent digital assistant from Google and one of it’s many features is the ability to notify you about your reminders you set in Google Keep. This means a notification will pop up on your PC grabbing your attention to take an action.

Color Code Your Notes


If you through those multiple colors are for making the notes look more colorful, it’s not the only reason, colors actually help you organize your notes. For example, I use Orange Notes for Reminders, Green for Motivational Quotes, Yellow for Important peice of information, Gray is for Research notes etc.

This will help you a lor when your notes start growing in numbers.

Organize your Notes with Labels


The newly added features, Labels, lets you label your Notes to make them more organized and searching. There are three preset Labels, Work, Personal and Inspiration but you can add more labels.

Combine Labels with Color Coding and you have an amazing app to help you manage your life in a more simpler manner.

Bonus Tip: Recover Notes deleted within 7 Days.


If you find yourself in a situation where you relly need to see a note you deleted, accidently or otherwise, Google Keep has this feature of keeping the deleted notes for a week before deleting it permanantly. And you can always Archive the notes so that they are always availalbe to you despite being completely hidden from the app.

If you are not using Google Keep, you can give it a try, it is available for Android, Chrome and Web

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