Most of the services we use on the internet want us to create an account on their system, which makes it easier for them to offer a great user experience.

They can remember your preferences, they can know your name, your age, and all that stuff to give you a unique experience.

There are things that are required for creating an account, the username, and a password.

Now, the username can be revealed, since most of the services use the username to give the users a public profile link.

But password remains confidential, it should not be shared with anybody, neither online nor in real life.

But not telling your password isn’t going to guarantee that your online account is safe. If you are using passwords.

Then your online accounts are always in danger and a lot of people do not take this seriously and this is the reason why most common passwords are something like,

1234—-, password, petname, partnername, etc.

If you want to keep your online account secure you need to have e strong passwords that are not that easy to figure out.

Now, you can do a mix up of two or three words to create a password which would also be easy to remember but, there-there is something called brute force attack which can be done on an account.

In a brute force attack, the attacker will try to guess the password with its huge database of words and the combinations. It is surely a long process which might take days, but if your password is a word that can be found in a dictionary, then your account is not really that secure

This is why many internet services suggest creating an alphanumeric password which is a combination of numbers, special characters, and letters.

If you struggle with coming up with a strong password there are services available that were and use of for you.

Such as one of the most common websites is called Passwords Generator.

On the website, you have the option to include the special characters, numbers, and letters, and the number of letters in a password.

You can then copy the password and paste it into the account where you want a strong password. There are many other websites like this but I would recommend using this.

If you want a more streamlined process, you can check out our detailed guide of creating strong passwords for your online accounts.


How to remember such strong passwords?

You don’t really have to remember these passwords if you use a password manager, If you are using Google Chrome it has got an inbuilt Password Manager which works flawlessly.

Will these strong passwords be brute force safe?

Usually, the brute force attack uses a database file which contains words that are in the dictionary, even with advanced methods it will be tougher near impossible to crack a password.