How to Hide Specific Posts and Features on Facebook From Appearing

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Asif Ahmed
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Facebook used to be a fantastic place to connect with your friends and family and the acquaintances around you.

But it has slowly turned into a narcissist tool, where people are consistently trying to prove that there are right, and their lives are awesome.

You may have liked many Pages on Facebook over time, and all of them are now competing to be in the Newsfeed, to get your attention.

Then there is Facebook trying to monetize their platform by suggesting you personalized as since it knows so much about you.

The best solution to getting rid of all of this is by deleting Facebook. But honestly, for a lot of us, it is not a viable solution.

For me, it is quite impossible to do it, because I have a developer account connected to my Facebook account.

In the past, I have shared Facebook app alternatives for mobile, especially for Android, which offers added functionality of filtering out the specific posts and making Facebook look in a certain way.

But I just figured that I hadn’t shared any way to filter out specific force and hide useless features of Facebook on desktop.

Doing that can boost productivity levels to Extreme because most of us sit on our desktops, and Facebook is just a click away.

Once you are inside Facebook, you are not getting out without wasting a couple of crucial minutes.

How to filter out specific posts from Facebook

To do that, we can use browser extensions, which are available for all the popular browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Microsoft edge (now that it is based on Chrome it supports Chrome extensions as well).

Since Google Chrome is the most popular browser, we will talk about the Chrome extensions that can help you hide specific posts and features on Facebook.

The one that we are using right now is F.B. Purity (FBP) – (Chrome extension link)

Once you have installed the Chrome extension, you will find the FBP button appear on Facebook, something like this –

Filter out Specific Facebook Posts

Use the Text Filter feaeture of the FBP Chrome Extension, you can type all the words that you do not want to appear in your Facebook Timeline, and the extension will make sure all the posts containing the keywords will be auto hidden.

Remove the Facebook features that you rarely use

Stories on the desktop version of Facebook make no sense, I have no intention of postings to my stories in their do I watch other people stories on Facebook.

The FBP Chrome extension gives the option to hide these features. You can also hide sponsored posts or game-related posts.

And that annoying ‘People You May Know’ section from your timeline, where Facebook keeps suggesting you add someone you don’t want to add.

The extension also allows you to hide ‘Your Memories’ posts suggested by Facebook and other people’s ‘Shared Memory’ when they posted on Facebook.

Chrome-extension also allows you to change the look and feel of Facebook by changing the color of the navigation bar. You can also change the font size, color, type, and many other things when you explore the FBP Chrome extension.

Change the look and feel of Facebook to match with the look and feel of my website (Techtippr) ;-). Although I think this would be too extreme for other people, it’s your choice.

I hope you find this article useful, and you will be only seeing posts that matter to you, and you do not waste time on random stuff.

Install the FBP Chrome Extension

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