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Asif Ahmed
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Evernote is awesome, and it has been mentioned on the blog over a thousand times, but let’s see how to use it effectively.

Though I have shared many tips to use Evernote Effectively. Let’s understand how to take notes and organize them so that you don’t spend time looking for something after two years or so.

Examples of Notebook

Home, Office, Work, School, Wife,

Everything related to Home or Work or School goes into the respective Notebook. The note could be a bill, a receipt, an image or a clipping or anything, it could be either related to Home, Work or School or any other Notebook.

Examples of Tags

Bills, Receipts, Images, Bank, Passwords

Now, when you put a particular note in a Notebook, it could be of any type, so you can use the tags to recognize the type of note, such as Bills, Receipts, Images etc.

So, when you search for a particular type of note, you search using a tag and Evernote will pull notes from different Notebooks, you can then filter the results selecting a notebook.

This way, a combination of Tags and Notebooks can help you find your notes easily.

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