How to Clean the ‘Other Files’ and Save Storage Space on Macbook

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Asif Ahmed
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I’ve been using the Macbook Air from last few years, I came to it after over a decade or being a Windows users. I still use Windows but I prefer my Macbook Air for work because it’s just amazing.

But I’m not happy about everything in the Macbook Air. And one of it is the Space issues.

Before we dig deeper into the issues, I want to tell you that I was never a guy who fills up even the last Gigabyte of storage on their laptop. My 1TB Windows Hard Drive is barely at 10% fill. But my 128GB MacBook Air is more than 70% is filled.

And let me tell you, there isn’t much I have saved on the Macbook Air. I spend most of my time inside a browser, even the Dropbox has just over the 500mb worth of files, Google Drive sits are 300 something MB.Macbook Storage Space Issues 01.jpgLooking at where all my storage space is used, Macbook Storage tab tells me I’ve got 34Gb worth of files that are not Movies, Apps, Photos or Audio. And yes, not even the backups from any iDevice. At this point, I was regretting my decision to go with a 128GB Macbook Air because I thought I don’t need much space because I was successfully using a Chromebook with just 32GB of SSD.

How to clear unwanted files and save space on Macbook Air

It’s actually not so tough to find where all the space is being used, you just have to open the Finder app, right click and click on ‘get info’ for all the folders.

Macbook Storage Space Issues 02.jpg

Like, when I do it on the Application folder, I can see I am using 16GB of storage space, checking each folder one by one will help you decide which one needs to go in order to get some space back.

The above methods work but it is a lot of effort to find out a place that is heavy with files. This is where this little app comes in handy. It’s called OmniDiskSweeper (download link)

It’s just a 2MB file which shows you every corner of your Macbook Air which stores the files so that you can easily destroy them to clear some space out. Macbook Storage Space Issues 03.jpg

Like when I used it to find files I can delete, it showed me that exact path where these files were saved, and these files can be deleted directly from the app.

I was able to delete over 14GB worth of files in just 2 minutes, I am sure I can do better in more time, so I’ll keep it installed. 2MB is not a lot of space after all. The benefits it brings is amazing. I am glad I found this app, I am now not regretting about buying a 128GB Macbook Air.

Download OmniDiskSweeper

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