How to quickly find the meaning of the word in Google Chrome or other Android browsers

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More than 90% of our visitors read our articles on their mobile phones. So there are 90% chances that you are reading this article on your smartphone.

If you use the Google Chrome browser or any other Android browser for reading purpose, you might find this tip useful.

Here is an easier way to find meanings of words in a single tap.

Even after 30 years of my life and probably reading articles on the web since last 15 years,  I still come across a word that is new to me.

Finding the meaning of the particular word not only lets you understand the article but it also increases your vocabulary.

How to find the meaning of a particular word in Google Chrome in a single tap.

When you’re reading the article in Google Chrome for Android, can you

  • Find a word you want to know more about,
  • Simply long press on the word,
  • A new slider will pop up at the bottom of the same tab,
  • You can slide it up, to get more information about the particular word.

Most of the time you will find the top link to be from a dictionary website, and thanks to the featured snippet feature of Google you get the necessary information on the search page itself.

Alternatively, you can also make a search about that particular word by typing ‘define‘ before it.

But, again, you will have to open a new tab for making the search, or maybe you can also ask the Google assistant by saying ‘Ok Google’

The long press method is the easiest and quickest way to find the meaning of the particular word.

How to find the meaning of a particular word in other Android browsers?

If by any chance you are using any other browsers available for another Android mobile, you can still search for the meaning of a particular word.

But you will need to have the Google Translate app installed on your smartphone.

So, if you have Google Translates app installed on your smartphone, and you are reading an article in your browser, which is not Google Chrome.

You can find the word and long press on it,

  • Then tap on translate.
  • The Google Translate app will top up and will translate the word into any language you want.

I know, it is not much of a use, if your native language is English, because English to English will keep the word same and won’t give you any Synonyms or of that particular word.

This trick is pretty limited, but it still handy if your first language is not English, and the meaning of the word you want to find out is an English word, translating the word might give you a little context.

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