If you remember I write about this Tiny Bluetooth Headset that I bought Online for Rs 500.

For those who haven’t read the post, I bought this device to use it with my Tablet PC as I was also using it for making and receiving calls.

So this device was quite helpful as I don’t always have to carry the tablet PC in my hands. Just keep it in the bag and keep it connected to this to answer calls.

Everything about this device was good apart from the battery. It gives around 2 hours of music playback or a day of standby time when it’s connected to my Tablet PC.

So I bought another one, and this time, from Sony. Which is available on Amazon for Rs 2200/-  (Buy Now ➜ http://tippr.in/1QdbZHA)

But the kind quality of product you get it worth the price. Though I bought it for getting more standby time, this also impressed me with the built quality.

The Bluedio one is made up of a cheap plastic, whereas this Bluetooth headset from Sony is nicely built.

Also, the Earphones with Sony are good, and can actually be used.

But still, Bluedio is good in its own right. I mean what else can you ask for when you pay just Rs 500 for a Bluetooth device.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you guys that if you really want such kind of set up, go for the Sony Bluetooth headset. Becuase it stays longer, I keep it connected to my Tablet PC for 2 3 days before it starts notifying me of low battery…

And if you are looking to turn your ordinary speakers into Wireless ones, I think Bluedio will serve the purpose. (the only thing annoying is, that is automatically turned off if it’s not connected to a device. (Buy Bluedio Bluetooth Headsets Now ➜ http://tippr.in/28MIJ0w)

So this is it. you can follow the link in the description to buy either of the devices and

You can check out the video I created.

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