Bluetooth DF200 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

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Update: if by any chance you are reading this article in 2020 or beyond, This article is kind of obsolete. I would suggest you check out this article. In 2020 and beyond we started seeing TWS earphones making all the rage.

This is a review of Bluedio Bluetooth Stereo headset I bought for Rs 500 from Flipkart. The Box contains a Bluetooth Signal Reciever, an Earphone, and a USB Charging Cable.

Does it work as advertised, how’s the quality and Is it worth the price? Let’s find out in this post. (Video review is at the bottom of this post)

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Why I bought Bluedio Stereo Headset

A few days ago I wrote about my experience of using Samsung Galaxy Tab as my Mobile phone. I decided to use the device when I found myself using the Mobile phone for writing posts and doing social media shares more than I make calls.

Surprisingly it’s been more than 6 months and I am stilling using that setup. 

Though it was a little tough at the beginning, but when I bought these Bluetooth headsets from Bluedio, it was easy for me to use the Tablet PC as a mobile phone. I was also able to take it to the gym and listen to the music.

I love the fact that I just need one device for everything when I am out of my home. I just live it.

The topic of this post is the Bluedio Bluetooth Headset that I bought online for Rs 500. It isn’t the best one available but it surely get’s the job done.

This Actually Gets the Job Done

I wanted to try one of these to see if it really works and whether I can actually benefit from it. I know my setup is a bit unusual, but anyone looking for a Bluetooth headset, who is also on a budget, this Bluetooth headset is a quite fair choice.

You get what you pay for

The built quality is cheap plastic, feels like it won’t last too long, but surprisingly it’s still in working condition. But the earphones are a total waste, I never used them. I’ve had my own earphones of good quality.

All is good, but I’ve got one issue, the battery. The product listing mentioned it can last up to 4 hours of music playback, but it hardly gets 2 hours and perhaps a day of standby time when it’s connected to the Tablet PC. I do make some calls and listen to the music.

But then, what else you can expect when you pay Rs 500. I think it’s worth the price and gets your job done.

Here is the video review

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