How to Spot the Fake Xiaomi Power Bank

Xiaomi has been bringing a lot of its products in India, and they sell like hotcakes. The reason is, the quality and price ratio is pretty amazing.

The Power Banks from Xiaomi are in so much demand that they are always out of stock.

This gives an opportunity to scammers to sell the fake copies of it, even on reputed sites like Snapdeal and eBay.

This means trusting any other site like BookMyOffer is completely out of question.

Sadly, one of my cousins fell into the trap of BookMyOffer, which one of many websites freely practising this scam by offering Xiaomi Powerbanks at unbelievable prices.

Like this 20800mAh Power Bank, which is priced at Rs 2100 on Xiaomi’s official website, it was being sold by BookMyOffer for Rs 650.

But the product you get is not even worth this much. I’ve created a video comparing the Fake and the Original Xiaomi Power Banks.

Haven’t got the 20800mAh power bank with me but you can still see how the Fake Xiaomi Power Banks are different from the Fake ones.

Xiaomi Power Banks have always got an Aluminum casing which is nonglossy, which is the number one difference. And the Fake one can actually be opened easily, exposing the cheap quality batteries used inside.

It’s not just fake Xiaomi Powerbanks, there are many other products that have got their replicas.

Check out the video.

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