How to use your 1 GB per day Jio 4G data to get the most out of it

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Anwer Khan
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If you are a 4G data user, specifically from India, and you are using Jio 4G, which is just in a year old Telecom operator in India and has kind of revolutionized the Internet in the country.

In all of its plans, it offers 1 GB of data per day, which is more than enough for most of the people, but there are still some people who find it less because their usage has increased over time.

In this article, I am going to talk about few tips and tricks you can use to make the most out of your 1 GB daily data limit.

Uninstall the Facebook app

This would be my first recommendation for all you guys, if you want to save data that goes unnecessarily, you should uninstall the Facebook app.

What is the basically does is, it auto-plays the videos that appear in the news feed because their algorithm favors the videos and that’s why you see a lot of them, which means you spend a substantial amount of data all these autoplay videos.

I know that Facebook has become an important part of our everyday life, so you can still use an alternative app browsing Facebook, actually there are a bunch of them, here is a list of Facebook app alternatives you can install on your phone, they take less space, less data, an offer a bunch of interesting features.

Use Opera browser

Now there are so many browsers available for smartphones, the reason I advise you to use Opera browser is that it keeps the balance between browsing experience and data usage.

It has features which can save up to 40 data when you are browsing websites, so if you browse a lot of websites basis you must install the Opera app.

Change this Setting in Instagram

If you are an Instagram user, you can make small change settings so that Instagram takes less data, I had mentioned this trick, in my article of Instagram tips and tricks, so here it goes

With all the Visual media, i.e, Photos and Video, Instagram can be a real data hogger, if you are on a data plan, there is a setting for you in Instagram that will save some data by downgrading the quality of photos and video.

You can turn on ‘use cellular data’ from the settings. And you are good to go.

For more Instagram tips and tricks you can check out the article, Awesome Instagram Tips & Tricks to Master the Platform

Download your favourite songs in Jio Music

One great thing about jio is it offers a bunch of services that makes it’s totally worth the money you pay for their plans, what are the features is jio music where you can listen to high quality music by simply streaming the song.

But, it also gives you the option to download the songs, so that you don’t have to beast everytime you listen to the songs. and if you have a bunch of favourite song you will end up saving Androids of MB on a daily basis.

Use Soundcloud app instead of YouTube app for listening to songs

I know that not all the songs are available on jio music, a lot of people use YouTube to simply listen to the song, bed scenes YouTube is a video platform, each song you play can be 40 to 50 mb in size,

Instead what you can do is use soundcloud app, it is just like YouTube but for audio, and almost all the songs SoundCloud, also, it is Ads free

Download your favourite videos in YouTube

A lot of you might already be aware of this feature, but I am sure not many of you use it, if there are some videos that you watch on a daily basis like a video song that you really like you can simply download it, so that, the next time you play it does not consume your data.

If you use your mobile data as a Wi-Fi hotspot for using internet on your laptop, then you should read this article, because if you are running Windows, huge part of your daily data limit we go in updating the Windows OS, which you can very well prevent if you read this article.

Some points you should follow if you are a jio user, and I am sure you will be able to enjoy your 1GB daily data graciously.

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