How to Use Airpods Pro as Wireless Mic for Videos

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Audio quality is essential to any video content, whether for YouTube or Instagram. High-quality Audio enhances the viewer’s experience and makes the content more engaging and professional. 

Poor audio quality, on the other hand, can be distracting and cause the viewer to lose interest in the Video. This is particularly true for social media platforms, where viewers watch videos on their mobile devices in noisy environments. 

Clear and crisp Audio can make a video more understandable and enjoyable, helping the viewer stay engaged and focused on the content. 

When you record Videos indoors, you will be able to record good Audio using the inbuilt Camera of your smartphone. But, if you’re outdoors, things can be really tough.

This is why you should get an external microphone for recording your videos. 

But if you have AirPods Pro and an iPhone, you can use this combo. AirPods Pro as a Wireless Mic can be good to start with. 

Here’s a Sample Audio in the Video

AirPods Pro Lets you record clear Audio. But it’s not the best. It works best if you have an iPhone and Airpods combo; there are many features you can enjoy, which you can check in a separate article. This is a Bonus. 

Plus, you can use AdobePodcast to Enhance the Voice even further. Here’s a Sample.  

How to use Airpods Pro as Wireless Mic for Videos

Native Camera doesn’t support Airpods Pro as an External Audio source. So you need a Third Party Camera App like ProMovie Recorder. I used MoviePro. It’s not as great as the Native iPhone Camera app, but it works. 

How to Enhance The Audio with AI

Once you have your Video recorded. You must split the Audio to enhance it using Adobe Podcast since it only supports Audio formats. 

You can split Audio using apps like videoproc or Mac’s Quicktime Player to save Audio from Video and use the Audio file to Enhance it.

Or you can first edit your Video in the Video Editing software of your choice. Then export only Audio (Before adding Music and Sound FX). 

Enhance the Exported Audio using Adobe Podcast. Then, import it back into your Video Editor (Add Music and Sound FX if you have to), and Export the project as Video. 

If You are Using Android Mobile or Don’t Have AirPods Pro. 

Get dedicated Wireless Mics like Rode Wireless Go. It works amazingly with Smartphones as well as DSLRs. 

Best Rode Wireless Go Mic Alternatives You Can Get On A Budget

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