Do Internet Booster Apps Really Work?

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Internet is the staple of every home and office. The moment you disconnect yourself, you might look at yourself as a cave dweller. Without a doubt, the internet has played a pivotal role in disrupting different aspects of our lives. Be it entertainment, socializing, gaming, working, or downloading, without high-speed internet, things are not going to work smoothly. 

When you are facing slow-speed internet, the first thing you do is reset your modem. In other cases, some internet users might face poor WiFi signals at home. The only thing that could help them boost signals is to buy a WiFi extender. 

If you are facing frequent disconnection and speed problems, it is a clear sign to switch your service provider. Enter your Zip Code and find service providers in your area offering reliable internet without disconnecting or throttling speed. 

If you are not in the mood of comparing different internet plans and providers, you can simply subscribe to Cox to help you stay connected throughout the day. With affordable plans and serviceability in most parts of the United States, you can expect seamless customer support in both Spanish and English language. If you are of Hispanic origin, try contacting cox servicio al cliente en español to manage your service, bill payment, appointment, or finding support options. 

In recent times, internet booster apps have overwhelmed the apps store and people without any research install them to get rid of any problem. However, we are going to take a look into whether internet booster apps really work. Stay tuned and let’s get started. 

Do Internet Booster Apps Really Work?

Most internet users frequently ask this question on different forum websites, blogs, and social media networks. The fact is obvious that everyone wants to enjoy high-speed internet on all of their devices connected through WiFi. 

Stronger WiFi is needed every now and then, especially when you are streaming on Netflix or playing Call of Duty with your friends. What if you could simply install an application to boost the WiFi signals and do whatever you want to without any problem. 

The fact is everybody wishes to have such an app, even if it is for some price. But the problem is that it does not exist. No app has been developed that can amplify WiFi or cellular signals. 

If you have still doubts in mind only because you find booster apps in the app store that still does not make any sense. If you install it once on your phone, you will only waste your phone memory and may see a lot of screens without any function or purpose. 

The purpose of these signal boosters is to improve the performance of the device rather than signals. For instance, performance booster apps will allow you to delete caches on your smartphone and other apps, which helps in freeing some storage space and RAM. 

While others might help in managing background processes and apps. This helps in boosting your device speed instead of boosting WiFi or cellular signals. 

Signal monitor apps are another category that you will find on app stores. The purpose of these apps is to monitor WiFi and cellular signals, while also updating you on signal strength, and location of origin. Some apps available on Apple and Google Play Store might help you in finding an ideal position for your router. 

Some of the apps even mention in the app’s description that the application cannot boost cellular or WiFi signals. 

Reasons these Apps can’t Boost Signals

The reason these apps can’t boost signals is that they have nothing to do with the signals. Your signal depends on your service provider’s towers and the technology used to deploy signals all over the area. 

Moreover, the WiFi signal depends on the nearby access point. The signals are dependent on your smartphone. No matter, how many applications you install on your tablet or smartphone, they are of no use. Instead, they will eat up your phone’s storage and somehow benefit the owner of the application to earn some money through ads. 

What Can You Do to Boost Signals?

Most people might have a question as to what to do when you are not getting enough signals. The simple answer is if you are using WiFi to connect devices, make sure that you are getting strong signals in all rooms. If your home is big and WiFi signals cannot reach the entire space, you can simply buy a WiFi Extender. The extender will boost the signals and make sure to cover a greater area than before. 

If your cellular signals are dead or not optimal, you might need to change your provider. The reason is that some providers may not have installed a signal booster tower in all the areas. Or in some cases, the service provider is new and ae working on their current technology or infrastructure. Try to avoid the new entrants and rely only on trusted ones. 

Summing Up

In this post, we have discussed in detail whether internet booster apps work or not. Hope your doubts are cleared and know what to do if you are not getting enough signals.


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