5 Best Free Websites to Convert CSV files to XLS, XLSX, PDF, DOC, DOCX etc

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If you are working on different software it becomes difficult to keep them compatible unless the software you use our using same format which is not the case all the time.

But thanks to the free online conversion tools available, it’s not that tough to convert a format into another, if both the formats in question are of the same document type.

So if you have got a CSV file you can use either of the five services mentioned below to convert them into formats compatible with Excel.

5 Best and free CSV file converters


Gender is probably one of the popular file conversion tools available online, I have been using it for last few years to convert different file formats.

And since we’re talking about the CSV file format here, Zamzar file conversion tool is capable of converting a CSV file into XLS and XLSX files.

This is how the tool works

  • Open the website, and upload the CSV file, you can upload up to 5 CSV files from computer or, using a URL (if it is hosted somewhere on the internet),
  • Select the output as XLS or XLSX,
  • Enter the email address where you want to receive the download link for the file.
  • Click on convert to start the process.

The free account on Zamzar can let you convert files that are up to 50 MB in size, the files are available to download for next 24 hours and then are deleted automatically.

I think the free plan is quite sufficient for people who are simply looking for a quick conversion of their document files.

Free File Convert

The Free file convert website, like this Zamzar tool, offers a quick conversion of the CSV files.

The interface is also pretty much similar to Zamzar, you get to input the file from your computer, and then select the output file, and then click on convert.

The converted files will be available on the same page and you also get the option to send it to your email.

The website puts a limit on the number of downloads you can do for a single converted file, which is a maximum of 5 times, in the files remain on the server for next 24 hours after that they are automatically deleted.

Free Online Spreadsheet Converter

This is also a simple online tool where we can convert the CSV files into XLS format, and as the name suggests, it is meant for doing particularly the formats used for spreadsheets.

The interface for this online spreadsheet converter is simple. You get to select the file from your PC and then select the output format and click on convert but. Wait for a few minutes and download the converted file back to your PC.


This online file conversion tool lets you convert CSV files to XLS as well as CSV to XLSX format.

The maximum file size it supports is 40 MB, which I think is quite sufficient for a lot of people, documents usually don’t weigh that large.

The tool provides multiple options to save the converted file, you can save it to PC, your Dropbox account, or Google Drive account.

The converter user interface is simple to use, you can add the files (up to 6 files, 24MB each at max) your PC and then select the format you want to convert the file to, in the Target format section. Then click on convert now.

You will be able to download the converted file on the same page.


This online file converter tool has quite an easy user interface to work with, the buttons to select the input and output format are big enough to be easily available on the web page.

It gives you the option to save your converted file on your PC, your Dropbox, or is Google drive account.

Also, the maximum file size of the files that you want to convert is 100MB which is more than any of these online conversion tools mentioned in this list offer.

So, these were five of the best free online file conversion tools that will easily let you convert CSV files into the spreadsheet file format of your choice.

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