Canon EOS 750D / T6i Long Term Review | Best Video Camera for YouTubers?

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At the start of 2017, I decided to co-start a new YouTube Channel along with  Wife, it was about Food,

So we initially started creating videos using the Yi Action Camera since all the great things have humble beginnings,

After almost 6 months, we deiced to update and bought a new Camera, a  dSLR, a huge upgrade to my Olympus EP1, the Macro Four Third Mirrorless Camera that I bought in 2011.

Here is the Unboxing of the Canon 750D Recorded using the Yi Action Camera

Canon 750D for Video Recording

Smartphones these days have got really awesome apps for photo editing, so this WIFI connectivity saves time.

The one that I bought came with an 18-55 STM Lens, and the STM (Stepper Motor technology) lenses are meant to be quieter and smoother at focussing while recording. So there is no sound while the camera tries to shift focus when you are filming something.

Buying it with an STM Lens is a good decision.

The Camera can Record Full HD Videos and the output turns out to be pretty good. But there is one downside of the Camera which I think needs to be addressed.

This Camera comes at a price of $600 that you will buy in 2018, but it still does not have the capability to record Full HD Videos at 60 Frames per second.

Not having a 4K Recording capability can be understood as it’s a requirement of a very few people which machines worthy of handling 4K footages to edit them and  I believe they can go for more expensive cameras.

But most people who will settle for this Camera, will do it because it’s from Canon and lets you shoot at Full HD.

While most Cameras from other manufacturers offer this function of shooting Full HD at 60 frames per second, I don’t understand why Canon has not upgraded this model with this feature.

Shooting Full HD at 60 frames per second means you can take smooth slow motions, something I have been experimenting with lately and I have to use HD (720p) at 60FPS and then upscale to 1080, and it kind of sucks to lose the quality.

Other than that, there have been no issues with the Camera when it comes to Video Recording.

Cancon 750D for Photography

Frankly, I have not done enough of photography, apart from taking pics of the Final Presentation of the Food at

I actually like the output of the photos that I clicked.

One of the big reasons to buy Canon 750D when we had the budget of Canon 700D was the WIFI Connectivity.

You can directly connect your Camera to your Smartphone to use it as a remote Viewfinder or taking photos and transferring them to your Phone to sharing it instantly on Social Media.

So, apart from that Full HD Video recording at 60FPS, there is nothing I am not happy with. And if you too can live with recording Full HD videos at 30FPS, you can go for it.

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