Chromebook Freezes Suddenly then Crashes and Restarts Every Single Time (SOLVED)

I feel immense joy and happiness in typing this article from my HP Chromebook I thought will never be usable again.

I am actually using it after months, It’s still fast, just like what Google Promised. But the hardware gave up on me a few months earlier when it used to get freezed up in the middle of an important work only to restart automatically making me lose all my work.

So I had kept it on my shelf where the gadgets go only when they die.

I had no hopes until tonight when I randomly thought of finding what’s causing the Chromebook to fail.

I Did the search (and believe me, this was not my first search related to this issue), but this time, I didn’t Google, I YouTubed. And what happened next will blow your mind!

After several videos, I landed on this

This person seems to have exactly the same issue I was having. Interestingly this was not a solution video but more of a Problem / Help or maybe she just uploaded it to show it to someone at a Service Centre.

And there was the solution in one of the comments.

Click to enlarge

This solved my problem and the Chromebook is working fine, try this yourself. Also, let us know in the comments below.

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