Dark Mode Everywhere: Improve Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone

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Not too long ago, Google introduced Dark Mode in YouTube, and it seems that Google is not looking to stop there as it has plans to introduce the Night mode or the Dark mode throughout the Android OS.

Google itself as mentioned this in the Android Dev Summit that dark mode on smartphones helps in conserving battery, giving you the maximum battery life on your smartphones.

It has done some testing to find out that the Dark Mode indeed has some effects on the battery life, especially on OLED displays.

LED panels use less energy and they turn off the light in areas which are dark, saving energy, which in turns saves the battery on your smartphone.

There are already so many apps that offer the dark mode or the night mode. Even we have shared tips about how you can use dark mode on apps like WhatsApp, even when the dark mode is not officially enabled until now.

Google’s new revelation is a clue that we will soon be seeing the implementation of Dark mode everywhere in Android. Although, a few OEMs are already offering some kind of dark mode in the Android by offering inverted colours.

Since Google’s Material design is based on Whaite backgrounds, the inverted colours result in giving the dark mode but is implemented poorly with some design elements getting missing.

It will be interesting to see the implementation of the dark mode in Android natively.

Use Dark theme for any website to reduce eye strain on Google Chrome

If you want to use Dark Mode on your Android even before Google introduces this natively in Android, you can install Dark themes to get the same effect.

OEMs like Xiaomi use custom ROMs, that have this feature of adding themes to personalize the UI, and there is a lot of Dark theme for MIUI.

I’ve mentioned this in this post as well, I have used a dark theme on my phone which gives a complete backend UI, though, not perfect, but it certainly gets the job done until Google introduces it.

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