How to Delete Your Personal Data from Microsoft Account

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The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has just come to an effect any number of companies have then major changes to their privacy policies and the way they are going to collect the data.

According to the new GDPR guidelines the companies would have to specifically tell what type of data they have been collecting all will be collecting in the future.

The company is will also have to allow the users from the European Union (EU) to opt out of such data collection.

But if the companies have already collected your data you can choose to delete it from their account.

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can delete your data from Microsoft account.

Delete your browsing history

If the browsing history in Cortana is enabled all the Microsoft edge browsing history is sent to the company to help improve its services and products.

You can view all your browsing history stored by Microsoft by following this link and delete the things you do not want to appear in there.

Delete your search history

If you are using Microsoft Bing search, then it also has saved all the terms you have search for until now so that it can provide better search experience.

If you do not want any search Turn in Microsoft database you can delete it by following this link.

Delete your location history

If you have used a Windows device with a location sharing turned on Microsoft also collect the relevant data about your location to provide better information relevant to you.

You can follow this link to access all the information Microsoft has recorded and choose to delete it from there.

Delete your voice activities

Like Google and Apple, Microsoft also has got a digital assistant called Cortana which is enabled for Microsoft devices, both laptops as well as smartphones.

Perform interacting with Cortana you may have used any other product via voice-based commands were required to operate it.

All your voice activities are also saved by Microsoft which can be viewed by following this link and you can also choose to delete on the same page.

Apart from these different activities Microsoft connect data for a variety of services including media activity and product and services you can view all the data the company has stored by logging into your Microsoft account.

You can give the privacy dashboard and delete the things that you do not want to share.

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