Effortless app for Mac helps you beat procrastination effortlessly

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Small things can help you be more prodcutive without you even realizing it. If there is something continuously in your sight, you can’t help but try to tackle it.

If you’ve got a Mac, here’s a pretty cool that that can help you do it.

In the productivity section of our blog, you will find countless articles written by me where I share all my experiences tools and efforts that I make to be more productive. Of all the tools that I used for staying focused, the effortless app is the recent addition.

I got to know about the Effortless app from its product hunt listing where it made it to the top. After using it for a few days I can truly say that it really deserves upwards it has got on the listing.

It’s just a 4MB app, wait on Swift, a new language developed by Apple doesn’t require to be installed. Which means you can simply run it even from a flash drive.

The reason for this has to be so later is because it does not offer any flashy features and does not offer too many of them. The app’s job is to simply let in you create a number of tasks in plain text and put the number of minutes you want to assign that task to.

The tasks can be controlled from the Effortless App icon that appears in the Menubar

When you assign time to a task, the timer goes off which remains visible in the Menubar area, this time boxing method is quite effective in getting things done, as you can remain focused on the work you are doing.

That lets you add more time (in 5-minute slots) to the task you are trying to complete. Once you are done with the particular task you can move on to next.

I was using a few Chrome extensions for quick time to focus on tasks & time boxing thing, but the only limitation of this Chrome extension is that it only works inside the browser

While effortless apps approach is OS-wide which means you can track your time even outside of the browser for things such as editing a video or spending time inside any other App

Having said that they are still some limitations and buts in this tiny app, but I think if you are looking for a simple app that can help you stay focused on your work then you can give it a try.

Taskly is also quite similar to Effortless app. Check out on the Mac App Store

Download Effortless app for dMac

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