How to Get Directions to Work or Home Faster Using Google Maps

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If you aren’t already using Google Maps for getting directions to work, or the home, you are potentially wasting your precious minutes, maybe even hours, of life in the commute.

Surely, you may be knowing the directions for home or workplace so well that it is now in your reflex, but Google Maps can still save some time by letting you know which is the fastest route.

I recently started trusting Google Maps more, and wherever I went, it took me a few minutes earlier than I used to.

It’s not only about knowing the shorter route

Technically, a shorter route will take lesser time, but we live in a modern world, and some external factors, such as traffic, condition of roads, etc, can make even a shorter route longer, and a longer route shorter.

If I have to give an example you can take a look at the screenshot below there are three routes that take me to home.

I already know the shortest route, but I do not know the traffic conditions. So, Google Maps helps us decide which route would be best to reach home.

You should give it a try, it’s worth it.

Set Home and Office Address in Google Maps for Faster Access

The faster way to access directions to home or office is by setting them in Google Maps.

Google Maps allows you to set address for home and workplace so that it is accessible in one tap.

To set it up, tap on the hamburger icon appearing on the top left-hand side.

You will find more options, the top one would be ‘Your Places’ tapping on which will show you the options to set home and work address.

You can tap on the three dots appearing in front of the label and then edit it. You can also change icons for home or work, or any other label that you want to set.

It will allow you to get directions to home or work in a single tap. There is much more you can do with Google Maps apart from getting directions for your home or office.

You can save all the important places that you want it and label them so that you do not have to struggle to find it again.

And if you are a traveler, who takes a lot of photos at different places you can contribute Tu to the Google Maps community and become a local guide it has Methi benefits you might even get a personalized sock for your contributions. I’m already awaiting mine.

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