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AOMEI Backupper Professional Software Review

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If you are looking for an easy, no-brainer solution for backing up your data from your computer, you will find this article pretty useful. Please continue reading to know more about it.

Since I’m running a tech blog from the last ten years, I am automatically considered an expert by my friends and family, who can solve any techie problem.

And I also get a lot of emails asking me for solutions for their problems. I usually set aside time to answer them and direct them to two articles, which can potentially solve their problem.

But when it comes to queries from friends and family, I have to get on the phone and offer tech support to them.

And one of the prevalent issues I come across often is about data recovery. They have mistakenly deleted all their files from the computer, and now they want me to recover, right on the phone.

Sadly, nothing much can be done in such cases, where the data has been deleted, all the hard disk has been corrupted. Maybe you can recover files if you have accidentally deleted them. You might look for it in the recycle bin.

For my friends and family, their data means their movie collection or some documents they may already have in their email.

Prevention is better than cure

I have always maintained that prevention is better than cure. This means, try having a system in place which prevents you from being in such a situation.

The number one thing, in today’s age, you can do is, start using a cloud storage service that lets you backup your important files so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

But, since everyone has different needs, it is quite technical to set up a system with these cloud services so that every important file is backed up on the cloud.

This is where third party e software can come in handy which can is the process of breaking up files for you.

Keep your important files backed up using AMOEI Backupper Professional

AMOEI Backupper Professional is a software I am currently reviewing for its capabilities and ease of use so that I can recommend it to people who always have a fear of losing their essential data.

The critical feature of AMOEI Backupper Professional of the east to backup files, to keep folders on your computer, sync with folders saved in a separate place. And it gives you several options where that place could be.

You can choose to backup a particular folder on your computer to a different partition or a different computer on your network. Plus, there are many options, such as you can get email notifications whenever a backup is complete.

You can also schedule the backup so that the backup can happen at a particular date and time.

Apart from only backing up files, you can also choose to keep it Synced.

You can choose to keep your folders sync with Cloud Drive (e.g., Google Drive), A Different Partition Your HDD, or on a Different location on your Network.

This piece of software can be beneficial even for small businesses. If you have crucial files on one computer, it is not safe unless you have multiple copies.

Instead of manually, you can automate the process using this software and keep multiple copies of it in different locations.

So that if someone decides to delete files before saying goodbye to the company, you have files handy at a different location.

Clone Your Data, OS, Partition or Entire Dard Drive

Although backup and restore is a crucial feature of AMOEI Backupper Professional, it has got another useful feature of cloning your data.

I particularly find the feature of cloning your System (your Computer OS) pretty useful.

It lets you clone the system file to an SSD. The benefit is that you can boot up your computer using an SSD, which will considerably improve the bootup time and speed up your computer.

I was using a 1TB HD on my computer and later switched to an SSD which drastically improved the performance of my computer.

You can try AMOEI Backupper Professional for Free

Although AMOEI Backupper Professional has a free version, which lets you check the software out yourself, the pro the version gives you access to all its features forever for $44.95. for 1 PC.

If you have a relatively large company with many computers, you can get the license for unlimited PCs for $399. However, it is cost-effective only if you want to use this software on more than five computers.

For medium to small businesses, as per my experience, computers, where crucial files are saved, are less than 5, and in that case, you can buy multiple licenses.

Download AMOEI Backupper Professional for Free


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