How to Post GIF Animations to Facebook That Play in the Newsfeed

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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GIF Animations are getting popular day by day, we are talking about the 3-5 second soundless videos playing in the loop, mostly showing a reaction which many of us can relate to. They are perfect to express yourself online. They are Emoticons 2.0. And finally they are on Facebook.

I don’t know why it took so long Facebook to embrace the power of GIFs, but at least they are here, you can now post GIFs on Facebook so that they start playing inside the Newsfeed of your Friends, just like it does on Google Plus or Twitter.

But it is still tricky to get them to work. You cannot simply upload a GIF like you post other Images, and they start playing in the newsfeed. They will not.

Posting GIF on Facebook

To make them play inside the newsfeed, you need to host them on any other websites, it could be your own blog or other social networking sites like Google Plus or Tumblr where the GIF Animations work.

All you have to do is, take the direct URL of the GIF and post it on your Facebook. You can remove the link after it loads and then post it.

PostingGIF to FB

Try it out

You can try it yourself to see it in action, right-click on the GIF animation below and copy the image URL, then post on your Facebook timeline.

Copy this link

You can create your own GIFs as well, don’t worry we have a complete guide for you. Check it out.

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