Lumafusion 3.0 is One Step Closer to Making iPads Serious Editing Machine

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The iPad has become an increasingly popular editing tool for filmmakers, videographers, and YouTubers.

Editing on an iPad is a perfect option for anyone who needs to edit videos while travelling. It also works well for someone who has limited editing equipment available. The iPad has many different options for video editing software, such as iMovie and Lumafusion, which make it easy to produce professional-quality videos on the go.

While iMovie is a free app offered by Apple, the Lumafusion costs $29 for a one-time purchase, which is cheaper than other video editing apps available for iPad, either on a subscription basis or cost a lot of money if you have to buy it one time.

The Lumafusio app for iPad was already a fantastic video editing app, thanks to the multi-layer magnetic timeline with individual controls and the ability to customize the workspace.
The user interface is as clean as The Final Cut Pro on Mac computers. While it is every video editor’s dream to see Final Cut Pro, I will be for iPad, but for the time being,

Lumafusion is the next best thing.

A lot of video editors were already using Lumafusion (including myself) before the Lumafusion 3.0 update.

The Lumafusion 3.0 Update

The Lumafusion 3.0 update makes it possible for Content Creators to Edit Videos on iPad without worrying about filling up the internal storage. How?

The 3.0 update brings many exciting changes to the Lumafusion app 1 of 8 is the support for external storage. Video editors can now link the external storage into the files section of Lumafusion. They can add the video footage to the timeline without actually having to import it into the internal storage of the iPad.

It was a pain point for many people who had to spend time importing their footage from SD cards and SSDs into the iPad so that they could continue working. And apart from the time, it is also great news for iPad Air users who have 64GB variant, or all other iPad users with low storage variant.

Earlier this year, I was looking to buy the iPad 11 Pro, but I couldn’t get my hands on it and finally settled in with the iPad Air. I was surprised how amazing even a generation-old iPad is, but when the Lumafusion 3.0 update dropped in, I was happier.

After installing all the crucial app that I want on my iPad, I still have around 40 GB of storage left, which is quite a lot even if I have to import footage from external storage. Still, the new update allows me to direct videos from external storage, which saves my storage issues and saves a lot of time, which is why I sometimes choose to edit on iPad in the first place.

You can read my experience of Editing a video on iPad here. I am talking about my experience of editing videos on Lumafusion and my experience of editing videos on the iPad overall and whether or not this could be your primary machine for editing videos if you are a content creator.

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