How to Export High Quality Videos from InShot without Watermarks for Free

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InShot is a versatile video editing app for mobile. It provides professional tools for trimming clips, applying effects, and more.

I create almost all my Instagram Reels using the InShot app. I love the convenience of being able to edit videos on mobile phone. That’s why I created a series called mobile filmmaking where I showcase tips, tricks and resourceful tools for people who want to create contact using their mobile phones.

InShot is a paid application, but it also allows people to use it for free, However, it adds its logo watermark when exporting unless you upgrade.

Here’s how to remove watermarks and save videos in HD from InShot for free.

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Getting Started in the InShot App

First, install InShot from the App Store on your iPhone or Android device. Open the app and tap “Video” to start a new project.

You’ll need to allow InShot access to your photo gallery. Now you can browse and select a video clip to edit.

Enhance and Edit Your Video

InShot provides extensive editing and enhancement capabilities like:

  • Trimming clips and rearranging segments
  • Adding text, stickers, and animated overlays
  • Applying filters, color grading, and other visual effects
  • Inserting background music or voiceovers

Edit your video however desired, whether adding stylish effects or splicing segments. Tap the checkmark when finished.

Removing the Watermark

By default, a prominent InShot watermark is applied in the bottom corner. To remove it:

  • Tap the X icon on the watermark preview.
  • Select the “Free” removal option.
  • Watch a 30-second video ad to completion.

After the ad, the watermark will be gone!

Exporting Your Video in HD Quality

With the watermark removed, go to the export screen. Make sure to select:

  • “HD” for the highest 1080p resolution.
  • “MP4” for universal format compatibility.
  • “Maximum” bitrate for minimal compression.

This exports your video in full quality up to 1 GB in size. The file will save to your camera roll for easy sharing.

Avoid Paying for InShot Pro

Watching short ads is a small price to pay to unlock InShot’s pro exporting features for free. You get Hollywood-style editing tools and indistinguishable quality without the monthly subscription.

With these simple steps, you can create spectacular watermark-free videos with InShot at no cost. Polish your clips and share them in stunning HD resolution!

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