5 Apps that Are Helping Me Make the Most of My Time

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I won’t ever believe it if you tell me you are not using any of the websites like Facebook and WhatsApp or doing a handful of searches on Google.

We now have so much access to information, and that too is at our fingertips.

Be it how to cook something amazing, or how to dress like celebs, the Internet has every answer. No matter how stupid or irrelevant the question is.

Google Search_How toLife has become so much easy with the Internet. But, then there is a downside of it as well. Distraction!

You keep getting notifications from your friends, there is an endless chain of forwarded messages on WhatsApp and then you have to work to earn your bread and butter.
Here are few apps that are helping me save some of my work time.

Turn off App Notifications on Mobile

It is easy to do it on both Android and iPhone. Every app you install on your mobile wants access to your notifications. But there are apps that don’t really require you to send urgent notifications.

For example, in my banking, I’ve already sent an SMS whenever there is a transaction, but the banking app keeps game giving me notifications about new promotional activities.

My rule is, if it has distracted me two times with unimportant stuff, I revoke its permission. There are so many apps that don’t have access to notifications on my mobile phone.

Use Pushbullet to get Mobile Notifications on Mobile

It saves the time you spend picking up your phone every time there is a notification on it, if your phone is away, it tells you who is calling, without even having to pick your phone, SMS, and other alerts are notified right on your PC.

Surely, it does not take a lot of time to pick your phone up and see that notification, but if you are getting too many of them, the total adds up to a big chunk of time.

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Whatsapp Web: A very long-awaited feature many users wanted from WhatsApp. It has become a universal App for sending and receiving messages, even my Dad and Mom are on WhatsApp and sends me messages every now and then.

Then there are groups, school, college, hostel, colleagues, team, etc. You can easily spend hours inside your tiny screen.

But WhatsApp gives you the ability to respond to messages faster. You can type messages on your laptop keyboard.

You can also keep working on other things as well, not that it’s efficient but still better than using WhatsApp on mobile.

BTW, beware of the security flaw on WhatsApp Web.

Use Google Keep or any other Note Taking App

The to-do lists have been there since the elephants had those real longhorns (or perhaps it’s called Tusk). But when Google brought Google Keep, I think I was one of the first people to switch to it.

It’s a super-fast note-taking app, and the fact that you are already logged into your Gmail all the time, you are logged into your Google Keep all the time. And that’s awesome

From copying text between Devices (PC and Mobiles), we can do much more with it, Here is a complete list. It just makes life easy.

My current favorite to-do list app is Microsoft To-Do. I have used many to-do list apps, but Microsoft To-Do works for me.

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Use Google Drive for Important Documents

Google Drive makes it super easy to keep your important documents organized. Every Gmail account gives 15 GB of free storage, which includes storage on Google Drive, email attachments in Gmail, and Photos in Google Photos.

The documents do not take a lot of space so you can potentially save thousands of document files on Google Drive.

You will never have to worry about missing them for getting damage since it is backed up on the cloud.

Docs lets you write, which makes it great for writers, it lets you edit MS Word Files easily, you can use Spreadsheet in place of Excel, Slides works like PowerPoint and yes, you can collaborate with others.

Share the document and allow them to edit or just read it. They can comment, on the documents, it works great.

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