Rapoo 6100 Bluetooth Wireless Ultraslim Keyboard Unboxing & Quick Review

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Seems like I found the perfect Keyboards I was looking for a long time, the Rapoo E6100 is an Ultra Slim Keyboard which can be connected via Bluetooth. Meaning If I had something like that earlier, I wouldn’t have bought a new Keyboard, you’ll know why later in this article.

Most of my time is spend on Laptop, and I have got accustomed to the compact laptop keyboards, and my the Laptop I am using from last few years is MacBook Air, which has got really nice keyboards.

Which means the bar is quite high when it comes to searching for the perfect keyboards for myself.

I have been using the Logitech MK240 Keyboard from last few years. But recently it stopped working, thanks to my naughty kids who played with the dongle and destroyed it. (see that’s why if it was Bluetooth, it would still be working)

Here is the video of quick review

So the reason I bought this keyboard is that I use my MacBook Air with an Extended Monitor (24-inch Slim IPS LCD Monitor from LG). 

So basically it lets me keep working on the things I am working from my office, more screen real estate is quite productive.

Another reason is that I am kind of hooked on to the MacBook Air Keyboard So I rarely boot up my Windows PC.

The Rapoo 6100 keyboard is pretty much like the Macbook Air Keyboard, for many people the fn key on the extreme left might be a deal breaker but for Macbook users it’s a plus.

You also get a similar type of key travel on this keyboard. Though not as much and you might have to spend some time to get used to it. Partly because of the spaces between the keys, there is not much, but it’s really not an issue in the long run. 

It can take some time to get used it but once you do, it’s going to be a lovely experience typing on this slim keyboard.

How to Connect it to MacBook

Since Rapoo E6100 is a Bluetooth keyboard, it frees up one USB slot on your machine since there are only two on the Macbook. 

Connecting the keyboard to a macbook is just like connecting to any Bluetooth device.

  • First you need to turn on the keyboard which can be done from the bottom of it, and then press the tiny bluetooth button for a few seconds.
  • A red LED light will blink for a few times meaning the device is now discoverable,
  • Find the Bluetooth device from your computer and Pair it up, type the code on the keyboard which is flashing on the computer.
  • After that you may have to press few keys as per the instructions on the screen for mapping the keys correctly for the Mac.

And after that you are good to go, from there on, it simply connects instantly when the keyboard it turned on.

How to Connect it to Windows PC

Connecting to the Windows PC is also quite similar to Connecting it to the Macbook Air,

Note: Most PCs don’t have bluetooth inbuilt so you can purchase a Bluetooth dongle. I have an old Bluetooth 2.0 and this Keyboard connected without any issues, however, I would recommend Bluetooth 4.0 which you can buy from Amazon for as low as $6. (look up on Amazon.com)

  • Just make the Keyboard discoverable,
  • Find and Pair it with your PC
  • You get the code that you need to type on the Keyboard and it’s done.

One thing to keep in mind though is that it can’t be used symentanousley with a PC and Mac. i.e, If you pair it up with another Device, you’ll have to manually connect it again to the first device. 

So this was my initial impressions for this ultra slim keyboard that’s perfect for both Mac and PC with it’s minimalistic look.

I’ll perhaps do a long-term review of it once I use it enough to give you more information. 

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