How to Fix Download Pending Error in Google Play Store : SOLVED!!

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It’s really annoying when your smartphone doesn’t act smart and let you install an app you need the most. It happens with everyone.

The simple solution is to simply download the .APK file of the particular app.

But then, Installing Apps from sources other than Play Store is a risky business.

Here is an easy solution to this problem. The problem is caused by the Play Store when it fails to allocate space for the new app.

What you can do in such situation is Clear the Data of Play Store and Launch it again, you’ll be setting it up like you do for the first time you Set up your phone.

And the problem will most probably. gone.

Here is a video of the same

If this does not fix your problem

Then, it might be possible you are running an older version of the Play Store, and for this, you’ll have to install it from other sources, like, download its apk file and install it on your phone.

Since download APKs from other sources is pretty risky, I’ll try to give you some trustworthy links from where you can download it.

Search for Play Store apk on APK Mirror 

Another possible issue could be

Because of the storage, the smartphone storage these days is pretty easy to fill up. And if it’s the case, you might find yourself in this situation of not being able to Install apps.

So you need to clear some space for the new apps, here is an awesome app you should use for this.

Again, since Play Store is having issues, you need to download the APK file for ES Explorer, use APK Mirror.

Search for ES Explorer apk on APK Mirror

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