19 Best Resources for Twitter Users to Make the Most of it

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Twitter is the place where you can speak your mind freely, its a completely different experience than Facebook, to which many people compare it with. Twitter is using by all kinds of people, Movie people, Sportsperson, Politicians, Media People, Artists and big companies. And then there are millions of people talking about things that are happening in real life.

Twitter is using by all kinds of people, Movie people, Sportsperson, Politicians, Media People, Artists and big companies. And then there are millions of people talking about things that are happening in real life.

It’s your time to be on Twitter and make the most of it, you can find things people are talking about, you get to know things directly from the people you like. It is also the place where you will find the most sarcastic, humorous, factual tweets. In short, you become an aware person if you use twitter properly.

We bring you some of the best resources you can use to make the most of Twitter.

Web Based Twitter Clients


Twitter homepage

I hated using Twitter’s website to use Twitter few years ago, but the site has improved a lot, it’s fast and most colorful, thanks to the shared photos and videos by people I follow. You get to see more information on a single page, like the notifications, tweets by people you follow, trending topics, who to follow etc.

Tweetdeck  (Multiple Accounts)

Screenshot 2015-03-26 at 3.34.23 PM

If you run multiple accounts on Twitter, like one personal, one for your business, or a parody account, Tweetdeck is the best tool for you that you can use directly in the browser.

It has few advanced features which are great for businesses, for example, you can search for tweets for a particular term and filter the tweets according to the number of RTs and Favourites it has got. Add terms, related to your brand, to columns and you are good to go.

HootSuite (Multiple Accounts)

A similar service like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite does a little more than what Tweetdeck offers, It’s also a marketing tool with a premium version that lets you add over 50 accounts from various social networks, not just Twitter. The free version lets you add three accounts to

The free version lets you add three accounts to it, but offers post scheduling, monitoring post performances and ability to share any page on the web in a click with their tool called Hootlet.

The premium account starts at $9.99/month

Desktop Based Twitter Clients

Twitter for Windows


You would be surprised to know that there is an official app for Windows OS as well, for the Modern UI. Windows 10 lets users run Modern apps inside the desktop environment, So grab this app for your Windows PC.

Twitter for Mac


We won’t get any points for telling you that there is a Twitter app for Mac as well. In fact, there are lots of them, but Twitter for Mac should be preferred.

If you are using any other OS on your Desktop, I am sorry, we did not test any app for other OSes, but you can still use all the web-based Twitter clients or simply Twitter.com as it now brings a richer experience.

Twitter Clients for Smartphones / Tablets

Twitter for Android

The initial versions of Twitter app for Android were not up to the mark, that was the reason play store is filled with so many third party apps for better Twitter experience on Mobile. But it has improved a lot over the last few years. It’s both clean and fast to tweet fast and read tweets from others.

Talon for Android ($3.99) (Multiple Accounts)

I have been suing Talon from last few months and it has replaced the Official Twitter for Android for me. Talon offers design customization, in-app browser for quickly opening the page from a link, Images from Instagram, Videos from YouTube can be viewed directly in the timeline. If you install Talon for Android, you can also install this skin to get the look and feel of Android 5.0.

Tweedle for Android (Multiple Accounts)

Tweedle has almost the same functionality as Talon has, but with a difference in look and feel. Plus there is a free (ad-supported) version for it also. It’s you personal preference which one you want to use. as both the Apps support multiple accounts.

Twitter for iOS

The praise for the official Twitter app for iOS is same as of Android, the app is currently the way to tweet.

Twitterrific for iOS


A simple app if you just want to tweet and read the tweets done by others.

Echofon for Twitter 

Echofon, like Twitterrific, is free and a simple app if you are simply looking to share tweets and read. perhaps, that is what you want. Don’t you?

Design Header Covers for Your Twitter Profile

Header Covers are something that give a unique look to your profile. All the active users are already using this feature to make their profiles stand out. You too can jump in as it’s better than never.



TwitterCovers.com offers ready to upload designs. I browsed through many different sites that offer ready to upload Header covers for Twitter, but none came close to what TwitterCovers.com has to offer.

Design with Canva


If you are feeling creative and want more control over the design, Canva is the place, Now, it’s totally different from designing a cover in Photoshop or any other photo editing app, Canva has the right dimensions needed for the header cover.

Cover is a collection of beautiful images and you can put any kind of text on it, or use any photo you want. It’s as easy as drag n drop.

Dimensions for Custom Twitter Headers

[su_expand height=”200″]



I found this neat graphic at LouiseM.com that helps to design the exact size Twitter headers so that it can look good on any device. If you are very passionate about they way your twitter profile should look, this will help you.

Manage Followers, People You are Following, and Who to Follow

Far far in the list, we told you the best Twitter client for you, tools to make your profile look beautiful and now it’s time to follow interesting people, know your existing followers and get more of them.

Crowd Fire App (Formerly JustUnfollow) 


The app is now more than just an app to follow/unfollow people on Twitter. It also supports another Social Channel, Instagram, but, it is still one of the best tools for Twitter users to manage their Account efficiently.

It has an amazing feature to copy the entire list of people who are following a particular person. It’s just too much fun to use the app.



If you are using Twitter for your business to promote your brand, you might be interested in getting more data about your Twitter account. SocialBro is exactly that, your bro for social media measurement for Twitter.

You can sort your list of followers by the number of followers they have and when was the last time they were active, when it the time when your followers are most active and more patterns. It will also tell you which is the best time for you to tweet so that it gets maximum eyeballs. This data is gold for business and brands.

A few more resources to share voice, video or longer tweets.

Twitter limits you to have you say in less than 140 characters, most of the time it’s enough to say what you want. But you can also share longer tweets.

Most of the tools that let you tweet more than 140 characters at once, post your text on their site and share the link on Twitter. If you are okay with that, then I would suggest you to use Tumblr, which is a mix of microblogging and blogging, plus their Mobile app is the best for this.

Similarly, if you want to do video or voice tweets, you can use other service and share the link on Twitter. Soundcloud is great for voice and there is Twitter’s very own Vine, which lets you record 6 second videos and post them.

Want to share longer posts? YouTube is there. You get the idea right?

I hope you will benefit from this list, if you know someone who can benefit from it, please feel free to share this post using the sharing buttons. Thank you. 

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