How to Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature

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Update: The feature is now being rolled out to every Android user, without asking anyone to call you to active it. Enjoy.

So, the most rumored WhatsApp calling feature is finally being rolled out to the users Worldwide.

I got the feature a few weeks ago when it was rolled out for a brief period of time.

Getting this calling feature is a bit tricky so please follow all the steps if you want to get this feature.

Go to  and tap the download button, it will take you to the respective app store where you have to update your App. The updated version is 2.11.561 as of writing.


Now the tricky part starts here, you have to actually get someone to call you who already has the calling feature enabled, For example, I already had the calling feature and asked my friends to update their app and gave them a call via the App.

If you haven’t got anyone to call you, it’s time to make new friends please have patience and wait for anyone from your contact list to give you a call. Alternatively, you can use the comment section below to ask/offer help regarding getting calls.

I am not sure for how long the roll out is going to happen this time around, but it is clear that WhatsApp is still testing the feature as we haven’t got any official statement regarding the release of this new feature.

The new feature is currently rolling out for Android & Blackberry users only. Update for Windows Mobile and iOS will follow on a later date.

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