9 Things You Should Know About the Upcoming Windows 10

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Every year or two, Microsoft pulls up its socks and starts prepping up for their next version of OS. This year, they will be releasing the Windows 10 after previous year’s Windows 8.1. Even though the there is a lot of time for the released, we came up with a list of things that would be nice to know if you are interested in Windows 10.

1. Windows 10 will run Modern Apps in the Desktop View


So, now the modern apps can be launched in the desktop view, people who hated those full-screen apps on their 22 inch monitors will love the ability to utilize their screen and still run the modern apps they liked.  Another improvement to that is the Office Suite will be universal, meaning a single app that lets you work on PC, Tablet or Mobile.

The apps will be touch friendly and optimized run one any platform. The Office apps will be preinstalled on Windows Phones and Tablets, which means they will be free to use on those devices.

2. Windows 8.1 users will be able to Upgrade for Free, even the Pirated ones.

Yes, Windows is going to get aggressive in getting the market share even at the cost of giving their paid product to the pirates for free, but one thing Microsoft is making clear is that it will not offer support to the people who do not own a genuine Windows 8.1 (which was given as a free upgrade to the genuine Windows 8 users)

3. You can Try Windows 10 Today

Even though Windows 10 will be available by the end of this year, you can still use the Technical preview of the OS. It’s not the final product and has flows, all the drivers might not work, it may restart without warning to save your work.

But you can see most of the things that will be shipped with the final version. Sign up for the Insider Program today and follow the steps to upgrade your PC.

*Make sure you install it on a spare machine to arrive losing important data or work.

4. The Start Menu is Actually useful now


Windows 8 was criticized for not having a start button, then Microsoft listened, and brought it back in Windows 8.l, but it was still not what it used to be, and acted as a toggle button between the Modern UI and Desktop View.

The Start Button in Windows 10 Actually brings the start menu in the Desktop view. You can still maximize it to cover the entire screen in case you are one of those 15 people who liked seeing live tiles in the Modern UI

5. Windows 10 will come with a New, Refreshed Browser

Project Spartan

Rumors were floating on the web in the last part of 2014 that Microsoft is working on a new browser, it turned out to be true when Microsoft introduced Project Spartan to the world in an event in January this year.

Microsoft would still be keeping their Internet Explorer and also have another browser (Currently named Spartan) in the Windows 10. Not sure why they are confusing users again with two browsers, as Windows 8 also consumed users with Internet Explorer for the Modern as well.

6. Windows 10 Brings the Hologram Technology

Windows 10_Holograph_Technology

It’s the technology that will bring the apps out of your PC and you will actually be able to interact with them. Previewed at an even in January, Microsoft released a video showing a man wearing Microsoft HoloLense and interact with the 3D apps. It’s cool and makes you feel that the future has arrived.

7. Windows 10 Brings Cortana to the PCs

Cortana is Microsoft’s Siri for Windows Phones, or maybe a little prettier than that. It’s the Digital assistant which is making its way to the PCs, to let you do stuff and stay organized on your PC as well. It’s one step closer to the tighter integration between Windows Phone and PC.

8. Windows 10 is Aiming for a Unified Experience on Any Device

So, the universal apps, ability to run Modern apps in the Desktop view and integration of Cortana into the Windows OS is a sign that Microsoft wants you to have the same experience on every device and Windows is on it;s way to achieving it.

9. Folder and File icons get the Flat Design  


Considering how much Microsoft loves the Flat design, it was obvious. The Flat UI can be seen everywhere in the Windows 10. The folder and file icons are flat. Everything looks and feels fast. The Windows explorer becomes more usable as I found its showing recent folder more accurately.

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