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If your workflow requires you to work in Google Chrome and you have to switch between multiple tabs, then working with split screen setup might actually boost your productivity.

It is a fact that we tend to get more work done when we have more screen real estate.

By setting up your application Windows in a way that you don’t have to switch between them and all can be viewed at once, you can save time leaks that happen when you switch between the tabs.

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I mostly find myself working on my 13 inch MacBook Air and I split my screen up in 2 windows.

One is where I am writing or taking notes, and the other one is where I am taking references from or doing my research.

I have found working this way to be extremely productive as I don’t have to switch between tabs for taking notes.

Now, the Mac natively offers this functionality of a split screen but I don’t find myself using it very often since all my work is inside Google Chrome. I usually setup my multi-window screen manually.

But, I recently found a Chrome extension that let’s me do it all in just a single click.

About the Tab Resize Chrome extension, which makes creating split-screen layouts a piece of cake.

It lets you create some presets of how you want the browser to behave when you click on the Tab resize button.

You can stack the Chrome Windows vertically as well as horizontally, the number of rows would mean how many windows can be stacked one on another, and the number of columns mean how many windows can be stacked together horizontally.

My work requires 2 windows, which means two columns and one row, the columns have to be in 7:3 ratio, with an narrow window being on the left-hand side, this all can be easily selected in the options of Tab resize.

Once you have created your desired Preset, you can click on the Tab resize icon that resides beside the address bar of Google Chrome, and Boom the Chrome Windows magically take their place.

So for my workflow, I have to be on the second last tab to click on the Tab resize button so that the last tab can be shifted to the left-hand side to be the narrower window, while all the other tabs stay in the same window and move to the right-hand side.

I used to stack the Chrome Windows manually whenever I have to write articles for my blogs and that happens multiple times a day.

So every time I do it manually it might take a minute or two, and with Tab resize it take less than 10 seconds.

This Chrome extension is only letting me save a couple of minutes per day but it can be huge if we multiply it by 30 days of the month, or maybe the difference can be even Larter if we multiply 365 days of a year.

So, if the Chrome extension is letting me save only 5 minutes every day, it would save me around 1800 minutes for the next 1 years, which is roughly 30 hours just for stacking windows for getting the work started.

You can install the Chrome Extension from Chrome web store and try it yourself

So this is one of its kind Chrome extension that I’ve used, there may be better ones out there and I will try them and will report on

So make sure you bookmark our website or like us on Facebook or Twitter, you can also turn on the notifications by tapping the red button on the bottom right-hand side of your device screen.

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