Computer cannot boot? Here are possible reasons and how to fix your PC

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If you own a desktop computer, I am sure you might have found yourself in situations where your computer does not boot up.

Then let me tell you, you are not alone. This happens to me at least once in every few months. I try to boot up my computer, the button light turns on, the light near the logo of the computer turns on, but the computer won’t boot up.

So in this article, I am going to mention possible reasons why your computer does not boot up and solutions to fix this.

The CPU may have collected dirt

I have seen this in various homes and offices (myself included) that the monitor is on the table while the CPU gets its place below the table, and it is in a place where it is tough to reach and clean it up when other parts of the room are getting cleaned up.

I found in most of the cases that, the PC does not boot up because the parts of the CPU have collected dirt. So I have to take the CPU out, open it, and clean every part of it, and once I close it and try to boot it up after connecting the cables, it magically gets booted up.

It has happened to me so many times that it has become a second nature for me to take the CPU out and clean it up every time the PC won’t boot up.

The connected peripheral might be the culprit

The second thing that has happened to me the most, is when the mouse or the printer is connected to the CPU, my computer won’t boot up and booting up by disconnecting the printer, or the mouse, or any other USB cable connected to the CPU, it magically gets booted up again.

So you can also check it out and try booting it up by removing all the USB connections and just keeping the power source and the monitor connected to the CPU. Once the CPU gets booted up, you can connect the keyboard followed by other peripherals.

The CPU is not getting sufficient power supply

This too can be one of the reasons why the PC won’t be booting up since it will be getting some Power, the power button will light up but the power won’t be sufficient to boot the computer. If you have connected the CPU with a UPS, try checking the output of the UPS and the required output for your CPU.

I was using a powerful CPU so I had to opt for a double battery UPS instead of single, and it solved my problem of PC not booting up.

The OS may have gotten corrupted

This too has happened to me with both my Windows laptop as well as the Desktop several times.

Before reinstalling the OS, you can try you repairing the OS if you have got the setup file with you. Simply follow the instructions that you get, which are similar to installing an OS. You will be getting the option to repair the windows OS.

This will save your efforts as well as the files that you are saved on your PC.

Maybe You need a new Computer

Computers usually have a lifespan of several years, but looking at how fast the tech gets upgraded, even a 5 year old PC can feel like decades old. It you are facing issues more  frequently, maybe it’s time to buy a new one.

So these were some possible reasons why your PC won’t boot up, there may be many more reasons, but this is what mostly has happened to be in the last 15 years. And I really hope that this article might help you solve your problem.

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