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PDF, also known as Portable Document Format, is one of the most widely used formats for storing documents. The reason is that PDF files are portable and difficult to alter. 

While the difficulty in alteration is advantageous, there is a dark side attached to it as most users often demand the need to make adjustments to their documents. For this reason, PDF Editors were developed. 

There are thousands of PDF Editors available online, but not all of them provide the quality service you seek. Here we will introduce you to 10 incredible PDF Editors you can use. So keep reading. 

Top 5 Best PDF Editors for Windows 

Here are the top 5 PDF Editing software recommended by experts for Windows OS: 

EaseUS PDF Editor

EaseUS PDF Editor is an all-in-one PDF editing software designed for you to edit or modify your PDF files. This lightweight software is well-designed with an interactive user interface that makes it operate. 

Besides editing, you can also rely on it to convert, compress, sign, merge, and split your PDF files within the shortest possible time. One amazing feature that makes this software stand out is its capability to maintain file quality. 

Key Features 

  • Compatible with Windows OS 
  • Supports multiple output formats such as Words, Excel, and more 
  • Allows you to add watermarks to your PDF files

Nitro Cloud PDF File Editor

Nitro Cloud PDF File Editor is another great software that offers PDF editing services. This Windows OS-compatible software lets you edit, create, and merge PDF files easily without hassle. Also, you can use the software to fill out and sign PDF files. 


  • Supports OCR technology, a feature that allows you to edit scanned PDF files 
  • Provides quality output at high speed 
  • Simple user interface 

Foxit Phantom PDF Software

Next, we have Foxit Phantom PDF Software- a simple yet professional PDF editing software compatible with Windows OS. Both amateurs and professionals in the tech industry find the software handy and that’s because of the simplicity of the user interface. 

In addition to the editing services it provides, you can also use it to split, merge, and create PDFs. Foxit Phantom PDF Software also supports converting PDF files from one media format to another without losing the quality. 


  • Create, edit, convert, merge, and split PDFs
  • Allows you to edit scanned PDF files- thanks to the OCR feature
  • Intuitive user interface 

AbleWord PDF Editor

Although not popular, AbleWord PDF Editor is another user-friendly PDF editing software suitable for Windows OS. With this software, you can edit, add images, tables and more to your PDF files. AbleWord PDF Editor is simple to use, so whether you are tech-savvy or not, you can always navigate around. 


  • Free and easy to operate 
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP
  • Allows you to edit PDF header and footer

Nuance Power PDF Program

Nuance Power PDF Program is an intuitive PDF editing software with multiple functionalities. This software provides amazing services such as editing, conversion, and encryption of PDF files. It supports voice note recognition technology- a feature that lets you add notes to your PDF files via speech. Nuance Power PDF Program works perfectly with only Windows OS. 


  • Supports voice note recognition technology 
  • Convert and edit PDF files 
  • Provides a 15-day trial version 

Top 3 Best PDF Editors for Mac

Edit your PDF files on Mac using any of these top 3 PDF editing software:

FineReader Pro

FineReader Pro is also one of the most versatile PDF editors available for Mac OS users. This software is well-designed with rich features that you need to edit your PDF files. Like the EaseUS PDF Editor, FineReader Pro supports Optical Character Recognition [OCR], which means you can use it to edit scanned PDF files. 


  • FineReader Pro supports over 50 languages 
  • Allows you to store your files in several output formats such as PDF, Word, and more
  • Supports interactive user interface


LibreOffice is open-source software that offers PDF editing services. This Mac-compatible PDF editor supports converting PDF files to output formats such as Words, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. You don’t have to be a tech-literate to operate this software. The user interface is made simple and clear. 


  • Read, edit and convert PDF files with ease 
  • Exports PDF files to other output formats and vice versa
  • It’s free to use 

macOS Preview Application

This is a built-in software designed specifically for reading and editing PDF files on Mac operating systems. You can also use it to sign and annotate any PDF document, including those created with other PDF editors.


  • Read and store documents in PDF format
  • Annotate, merge, add notes, and delete pages on a PDF file 
  •  Supports password encryption of PDF 

Top 2 Best PDF Editor Online 

Below are the top 2 online PDF editing programs you can use to convert or edit your PDF files: 

EaseUS PDF Converter Online

EaseUS PDF Converter Online is a web-based PDF converter designed for both novices and professionals. It offers both free and paid services. Mind you, the free version grants you access to limited features which you can always enjoy when you subscribe to the premium package.


  • Offers free and paid versions 
  • Allows you to convert, and edit PDF files 
  • Friendly user interface 

Small PDF

With SmallPDF, you can also edit and convert your PDF files easily and quickly online. This cloud-based program has a friendly user interface, making it easy for end-users to navigate around. Like EaseUS PDF Converter Online, SmallPDF also offers free and premium versions.  


  • Edits and compresses PDF files 
  • Supports limited output formats 
  • Accessible on both mobile and PC 

Canva PDF Editor

Canva, which is an amazing app for creating different types of graphics in just a few minutes, has a free pdf editor tool also.

You can import the pdf into your Canva account and then edit it for free. Can we already have some amazing design tools available that you can utilize to edit your pdf as well?

Check out Canva PDF Editor


Now you have our list of the top 10 best PDF Editors at your fingertips. Which would you use for your next PDF editing project? Kindly confirm the compatibility of the software before installing it. 

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